Pretending It’s All Good In Detroit

So, Al Sharpton’s group is protesting in Detroit, out in public, yet they don’t want it recorded and don’t want to be asked questions… I’m confused, I thought the idea of a public protest was to get attention? Hmmmm, maybe, just maybe, Al don’t want people to know what is really going on…. Very odd, yes, odd indeed!


The racial divide in Detroit is a big topic of conversation lately. Whether it’s gentrification of downtown and midtown, access to water, diversity in the workplace, new vs. old Detroit, or incidents like the beating of Steven Utash, the conversation has cropped up in a lot of different ways as Detroit tries to rebound economically.

But what does the situation look like on the ground? That’s something we’re very interested in as a publication.

At about 4:30 p.m. on Saturday we got word that Al Sharpton’s National Action Network would be at a protest in front of the Atwater Brewery at 5:30 p.m. The protest was related to an eviction dispute involving the owner of the Tangerine Room Supper Club, Darnell Small, and owner of the building and Atwater Brewery, Mark Reith.

via Pretending It’s All Good In Detroit.

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