Snyder signs controversial faith-based adoption bills

Ok, so what? What is the big deal? If the faith based agency turns you away, go to a non faith based agency, they will be more than happy to help you…

Oh, wait, thats to simple, and causes no ripples the the harmonious river of  tolerance and acceptance and liberal brainwashing…. I forgot, silly me…


Lansing — Gov. Rick Snyder signed a controversial package of bills Thursday allowing faith-based agencies to turn away gay and lesbian couples seeking state-supported adoptions.

Snyder signed the bills without ceremony just one day after the Legislature sent him the legislation. The law goes into effect immediately.

Faith-based adoption agencies now can invoke their sincerely held religious beliefs in denying adoption placement services to gay and lesbian couples who want to be parents. The agencies would be required to refer gay and lesbian couples to another adoption agency.

In a statement, the governor emphasized the bills codify adoption practices into law.

via Snyder signs controversial faith-based adoption bills.

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