Wow: Look what happens when you put a bunch of black and white people in a room in the Deep South – Allen B. West –

Sad but true…. We will always have race issues, it will  never go away… Yep, I said it, Race will always be an issue, as will sexisum, age discrimination, homophobia and any other issue you want to bring up. Someone will always hate you, dislike you, try to change you or kill you for what you look like, who you date or where you pray… Its always going to be… Yep, always.

Try as we like, we will never eradicate our nation or this earth of hatred, nope, ain’t going to happen…

Why… Because we are a fallen people, we are born less than we should be and can never achieve the perfection we seek… So should we just give up, stop trying… Nope, keep at it, keep the good fight going….

BUT and I mean BUT…

That does not mean we turn every issue between a black man and a white man into a race issue… Sometimes its just an issue… In fact, I will go so far as to say.. Most of the time it is not race, its just an issue… America has come along way, we have a 1/2 black president (sorry, I have to be accurate), He won the election (by hook or by crook) for two terms. He was not assassinated, and he is (for some unknown reason) still loved by many. Does not sound to races to me… Hmmm….

It’s time for America to heal, and the only way she will ever heal is to stop reopening the wound… Let it go, stop calling everything racist, stop blaming others, stop looking for issues… Trust me there are plenty of real issues out there, we don’t need to manufacture any…

audience-300x180 While I was on vacation this past week, I did some thinking. My personal opinion is you can’t get much more of a hillbilly or “redneck” vacation spot than Pigeon Forge. Even though there’s about as much diversity there as in New York City, the place itself is steeped in old south country tradition. As usual, we went to the Grand Majestic Theater and spent the evening at the Soul of Motown, a live music show which features some fabulously talented musicians and singers who present music from the legendary Motown label during the 50’s and 60’s.

The house was packed about equally with black guests, white guests, and in between. We sat together, ate together, sang and danced together (well those brave enough to try and get up and “shake it” fifty years later!). The entertainers were both black and white. There were mixed couples there. Sixty years ago, this would have been impossible. And yet, in my travels all around the Deep South, this is what I see in every city every day.

How is it that President Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton (and a long list of others) STILL attempt to present a different picture of America than I see every day with my own two eyes? More importantly, how is it that people who travel the same cities that I do buy into the lie? And it is a lie.

via Wow: Look what happens when you put a bunch of black and white people in a room in the Deep South – Allen B. West –

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