U.S. Embassy Removes July 4th Celebration Out of Respect for ISLAM | Top Right News

I cannot wait until we get a president that will stand up for America, and stop bowing to other nations and political correctness. I am sorry, but this is not a politically correct world we live in, and I don’t think it should be.

The way I see it, if I haven’t offended anyone in the past week, I haven’t stood-up for what I believe in! I haven’t started my convictions clearly or I was being just way too kind.

Look, I agree that we have to be accepting and open minded, we have to be considerate of others, I get all that. And I agree…. To a point….

What we fail to remember is that this is a two way street, others also have to be considerate of our views and lifestyles… If it’s only me being political correct, and others are not, then what have we gained? Nothing!

I would rather speak my mind (and yes I have one, I am a conservative not a liberal). I would rather have people like or hate me for what I stand for, not tolerate me for being “tolerant” and “politically correct”. The bible states it well:

15‘I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I wish that you were cold or hot. 16‘So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth. -Rev 3 (The book of Revelations)

My deeps, my actions will be be hot, they will be strong and bold, I will stand for what I hold dear and I will speak the truth. And yes, sometimes it my offend and yes, sometimes I may even hurt others. This is never my intention, but it is a possibility and a reality.


This is one you have to read to believe.

At the US embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, American delegates celebrated the fourth of July one month early “out of respect” for the upcoming Ramadan month, which will begin on June 17 and last for one month.

Um, what?

From American Thinker (via Jason Stevens):

In a mind-boggling gesture of official US Government dhimmitude, the US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia celebrated our sacred Independence Day holiday on June 4, so as to avoid any conflict with the month-long Ramadan celebration.

If you think any Islamic countries – there are 57 of them (not counting ISIS) that count themselves officially Islamic – will move their DC embassy’s celebration of Ramadan to accommodate our Independence holiday, I have some bridges to sell you. …

Officially, embassies are the national territory of the country being represented, not of the host country. So there is no need to accommodate local sensibilities in celebrating our most sacred national holiday. …

This is a moment of national dhimmitude and deep shame.

via U.S. Embassy Removes July 4th Celebration Out of Respect for ISLAM | Top Right News.

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