A Nice Piece of Tenderloin | The Saturday Evening Post

Because reading is always a good thing…


Coins are jingling in my hat as I blow the first note of Moonlight in Vermont.

I hold my saxophone askew and wink at the little girl bending over my hat.

She smiles at me. Sunrays are reflecting like gold in my saxophone.

The little girl skips off. A lady with a shopping bag takes her by the hand.

The reverberation is beautiful in the pedestrian underpass to the shopping mall. I’m making more money than I expected. Almost 30 Euros yesterday.

The F-valve is sticking. I’m going to have my sax repaired if I have to do this much longer.

“… permit, I said!” I hear.

I look up.

A police cap!

An ugly tremolo resounds in my note.

“Do you have …” he says. And again something about a “permit.” He gives me a grumpy, impatient look.

via A Nice Piece of Tenderloin | The Saturday Evening Post.

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