How to Get a Job: Take the Initiative | The Art of Manliness

employment4This month, nearly 2 million students left colleges and universities around the country with a bachelor’s degree in hand. Some will be headed to graduate school, while others will be entering the job market, many hoping to land their first “real” job. At the same time, 3 million high school graduates have started looking for a summer gig–perhaps their first job ever. Joining them in the job hunt are the millions of Americans who have been laid off, are unemployed, and have been looking to get hired for weeks, months, even years.

What all these folks have in common is that they’re searching for a job in a tough economy. While experts debate whether things are looking up or whether we’re headed for even worse times, the reality for job seekers out there is that competition is tight. The plumb jobs will go to the bright, to those who are well-connected and know how to network, and, most of all…to those who know how to hustle.

Too many men see the job search as a passive process. They spend each day at home on the computer, trolling and other job sites, submitting their resumes, and then waiting to get a call requesting an interview. And waiting. And waiting.

The job you want is very unlikely to land in your lap this way. Instead, the job will go to the man hitting the pavement–the man who takes the initiative. Here are some tips on how to grab the bull by the horns when you’re looking for a job.

Note: Obviously, one of the best ways to take the initiative in finding work is to start your own biz. But the focus of this article will be landing a job with someone else.

via How to Get a Job: Take the Initiative | The Art of Manliness.

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