5 Things Your Parents Did (They’d Be Arrested For Today) | Cracked.com

Sometimes I wish I was born in the 40’s or 50’s, before all this Political correctness crap ruined everything. Sure, it wasn’t perfect back then, they had there own issues, but they where real issues, not this crap we call issues…


Parenting today should be easier than it used to be. Back in the day, parents were forced to distract their spawn using lousy game consoles with only one button, or, if things were desperate, the power of their own stupid imagination. These days, you can just throw a flashing iPad in a child’s general direction and get back to your vodka-infused breakfast burrito like a normal person.

But alongside this increased ease of parenting have emerged stricter standards for raising one’s human larvae. If you’re old enough to read this while legally enjoying the aforementioned alcoholic breakfast burrito, there’s a good chance that your parents’ actions in raising you to be a well-rounded, delightful, Cracked-reading individual would end up with them in jail today. For example, parents can now get in major trouble for …

via 5 Things Your Parents Did (They’d Be Arrested For Today) | Cracked.com.

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