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This needs to stop, we need to have programs that to not reward this kind of stuff… Welfare should be only temporary not permit…


Although our economy is supposed to be improving, and “unemployment” is going down, in one in five American families, no one in the household is working. Data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that for 2014, in 19.9 percent of American families, NO ONE had a job.

CNS News says, the BLS also calculates these data for single-parent families. In 25.6 percent of families maintained by women with no spouse present, no family member is employed.

But really, it’s no surprise when you see how incredibly easy it is to cash in on up to $69,000 in benefits, paid for by working-class schlubs like you and me.

Want to try it yourself? Follow these proven steps:

via The obscenely easy way people are ripping off taxpayers for $69,000 a year in benefits – Allen B. West –

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