How bad are Michigan roads? Hear for yourself

write a bill that is only;y for the roads, one that does not raise my taxes and one that is guaranteed road funding… and i will vote yes… Keep writing bills like prop 1, and I will keep voting no. Governor Rick Snyderplease use your accounting skills, or hire on outside auditor to review all of the State of Michigan’s finances and replace or remove any program that is not living up to its intended purpose. Remove any wasteful spending, review all offices for duplication of efforts, condense or close any office that is unneeded or wasteful. The people of this great state do not need to be taxed more, what we do need is a more transparent and responsive government. A government that does not spend more then they take in, and does not keep asking for more from it’s citizens. I am sure that there is money in the state budget that can be reallocated to the roads, I am sure that there are several state programs that can be eliminated to help achieve this. (For full disclosure, I voted for Governor Rick Snyder twice, and for the most part am pleased with what he has done for our state, but I feel he and the state legislators have dropped the ball on this one.)


I used to play a driving game with my kids when they were small. Whenever we found ourselves heading south on I-75 approaching the border with Ohio, I’d ask them to close their eyes and, judging only by the sound of the car as it drove on the road, tell me the instant we had left Michigan.

They never failed to guess correctly. Michigan’s roads have been so bad for so long, even a child can tell the difference.

The sad fact is that just 17% of our roads are rated in good condition. Next month Michigan voters will have a chance to change that by voting to approve Proposal 1.

via How bad are Michigan roads? Hear for yourself.

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