Construction starts on shipping container housing

When I was in Mexico I went to a bar made out of shipping containers, it was a very cool place. I like the idea of using them to create unique homes, dinning destinations or even hotels… The offer something new and can be built up quickly. I am excited about Detroit’s comeback!


Ask Leslie Horn where the model unit is for the long-awaited residential development her company is building — the one made entirely of recycled steel shipping containers — and she laughs.

“You can’t miss it,” says Horn, CEO of Three Squared Inc., a commercial, residential and mixed-use property development company.

She’s right. Construction started last week on a three-story model unit, Trumbull Squared, on the southwest corner of Trumbull and Pine, just north of Interstate 75. Made of nine old shipping containers, it’ll be used to sell units for the next two phases of Three Squared’s project — a 20-unit shipping container development in Midtown and another behind the model unit in Corktown.

Shipping container living is all about “sustainability and energy efficiency,” say Horn. “You’re living in a product that was made really fast and it’s extremely energy-efficient.”

via Construction starts on shipping container housing.

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