Elementary science curriculum turns kids into ‘global warming’ activists – EAGnews.org

Well, this is nothing new…. Liberal have always used school as a training camp for more little liberals

LAKE FOREST, Ill. – What is happening in a 4th grade class at Cherokee Elementary School in Lake Forest School District 67 in far northern Illinois is not unlike what is happening in classrooms around this state and nation.

Students at Cherokee Elementary School have been learning about renewable sources of energy. In the process they are being encourage to become young political activists through interaction with their Lake Forest City government and their local Democrat state representative, Scott Drury of the 58th State House district.

The article heretofore referenced, “Cherokee students, state experts talk renewable energy,” was written by Steve Sadin of the Pioneer Press, a Chicago Tribune Publication, where it appeared in print on Thursday, April 9, 2015.

via Elementary science curriculum turns kids into ‘global warming’ activists – EAGnews.org.

2 thoughts on “Elementary science curriculum turns kids into ‘global warming’ activists – EAGnews.org

  1. I don’t know, this feels like political loyalties trumping common sense. I get that conservatives aren’t really into Global Warming. There are a lot of factors that have lead to that political stance, but it’s just that…a political stance that, like most, are distorted to achieve someone else’s political goals. When it comes to every day people living their lives I think we should all want to raise kids that respect the earth and are interested in sustainability. I think conservatives are being stigmatized and even pressured into being oil guzzling, earth hating, polar bear killers. Kids are naturally curious about the natural world. Some percentage of these kids will be inspired by what they learn and will grow up to be good stewards of the earth. They may even study science, engineering or work to create alternative technologies. What parent wouldn’t be proud of that?


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