Column: Lansing mom slams son’s sex ed class in tweets

OK, I don’t get it, this mom is pissed because the school was teaching her son to keep his thang locked up…. And has the balls to say conservatives are pushing out agenda in schools…Sounds like a nut case to me…. She must have been looking for a fight, to get her 15 min of fame…


EAST LANSING β€” Alice Dreger attended her son’s sex education class at East Lansing High School on Wednesday. She live tweeted it, too.

With 45 sharply worded tweets, she eviscerated the abstinence-focused sex education class. She made local school officials look like rubes on a national stage. And she did a bit of swearing, which she says led to her banishment from the high school campus.

By the end of the day, her tweets had been picked up by the national websites Salon and Vox.

East Lansing High School Principal Coby Fletcher issued a statement today saying that the district includes abstinence education but it’s not abstinence-only education as many were led to believe based on the tweets.

via Column: Lansing mom slams son’s sex ed class in tweets.

3 thoughts on “Column: Lansing mom slams son’s sex ed class in tweets

  1. My objection to the class was less about the abstinence part and more the “let’s shame our kids and hope that works” part. The guy literally said, “If you find one that says ‘no,’ that’s the one you want.” He reduced a girls’ worth to the status of her virginity. Of course, I have other thoughts on this too but I’ll take it easy on ya.


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