California Dumps a Trillion Gallons of Fresh Water in the Ocean; Declares Water Shortage

Only Liberals….


California is dumping a trillion gallons of fresh Water in the ocean. Only liberals would declare a water shortage disaster after spending years dumping good, fresh water into the ocean to protect a non-endangered bait fish.

California is dumping trillions of gallons of fresh water into the ocean, creating a man-made disaster, to protect an non-endangered bait fish.
For years now, the southern 1/3 of the beautiful San Joaquin Valley’s farmland has been turned into a “man-made” dust bowl.

The water is being allowed to just run off the mountains, through the river system, through the delta, and out into the ocean. The water is being reserved for the little Delta Smelt, a three inch bait fish, that is not endangered species list.

Now, California is in the midst of a drought. As the Governor institutes water emergency rules, they just let all that water just keep pouring into the ocean. Unbelievable!

The I-5 San Joaquin Valley corridor is marked with signs begging Nancy Pelosi to turn the water on. Sean Hannity hosted a full show from Hanford, CA to highlight the problem. Phone calls and letters from all over the country have been sent to try to fix this situation.

Comedian Paul Rodriguez, co-chair of Latino Water Coalition, crosses the state working to remove the environmental protection on the Delta smelt.

via California Dumps a Trillion Gallons of Fresh Water in the Ocean; Declares Water Shortage.

2 thoughts on “California Dumps a Trillion Gallons of Fresh Water in the Ocean; Declares Water Shortage

  1. This is the most RIDICULOUS, INSANE, STUPID “MISUSE OF NATURAL RESOURCES” that I have ever disgustingly read and should prove the stupidity of the Democrats that passed the legislation that is working against America (as it effects all of us) the citizens, business and economy of the state in highlighting the fact that the Democratic party is a Terrorist organization (loosely speaking) initiating legislation and passing it that is destructive to the well being of the general public and state !

    Fish don’t die, they move to another location as the businesses and citizens will do and have done and cripple the state economy (never hear of the San Joaquin valley on the news or ads like we did growing up as it is a barren dust bowl accompanied with water rationing of the state) because of this “environmental crisis” man made by the Democrats!

    Fish don’t die, (3/4 of the world is water) they move as “we the people” need to move to repeal this legislation NOW……..


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