Tips on Being a Youth Sports Coach | The Art of Manliness

Team sports are an important part of many lives of our youth, but all to often the adults take over and spoil the fun and the lessons that can be learned…


As the youngest of 4 athletic brothers and a 3-sport all-state sister, I grew up being towed around to hundreds of my siblings’ games and tournaments. From a very young age, I remember traveling to places like Pflugerville, TX to watch my older brothers play under those hallowed “Friday night lights.” I vividly remember those games where I looked on in awe, dreaming about the day when it would be my turn to take the field.

As my family moved across 4 US states and did a stint in Alberta, Canada as well, I ended up playing on many different teams throughout my youth and was exposed to a wide variety of coaches, as well as coaching styles and philosophies. After playing soccer, basketball, and football, I was fortunate to get the opportunity to play Division I football at Brigham Young University. It was at BYU that I would be exposed to knowledgeable professional coaches, from whom I learned a ton about how to play the game at an entirely new level.

via Tips on Being a Youth Sports Coach | The Art of Manliness.

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