California sees 70% spike in teacher sex charges –

ACRAMENTO, Calif. – The number of teachers charged with sex crimes against students continues to rise.

Several sources are reporting substantial increases in the number of teachers arrested for inappropriate sexual relationships with students, including DriveWest Communications CEO Terry Abbott, whose firm has tracked news stories about such cases in recent years, reports.

In California, for example, DriveWest tracked a total of 43 cases. Nationwide, there were 781, Abbott told the news site.

“That’s more than 15 every week, that obviously tells us that we have a very serious issue and it’s just continuing to get worse,” said Abbott, a former chief of staff at the U.S. Department of Education.

via California sees 70% spike in teacher sex charges –

2 thoughts on “California sees 70% spike in teacher sex charges –

  1. This is simply a guess, but my thinking is the reported increase can be attributed to technology. Mobile devices and social media enhance opportunities for teachers and students to communicate out of school. These same technologies make getting caught more likely because they leave ample electronic evidence. Technology would explain the trend beyond California’s borders.

    California accounts for roughly 12% of the US population. DataWest reports 43 California sex crime cases out of 781 national cases, making California account for 5% of cases, or a disproportionately low number. Regardless of how many are happening in a given state, the fact that any are happening anywhere and apparently more frequently points to an issue of professional integrity in the field.

    I wonder how in how many of these cases unions are supporting the accused instructors.


    • I agree, but I will also state that I do not believe the number of cases is going up, just the number of cases being reported. This is an issue that has been with us from the day humans entered this world.


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