Real Men Don’t Get ‘Offended’

Great article ….


“That’s offensive!”  … said no great man, ever.

Ah, the year 2015. We find ourselves at the perfect intersect of political correctness, tolerance, and “white male privilege.” Legend has it that at this crossroad you can sell your soul to a transgendered devil for reality TV fame and fortune. What an enlightening time to be alive.

All of these things are not only mildly annoying, but have actually led us to the precipice of man. Men no longer assume the responsibility of leading their family, because feminists have told them that male leadership is no longer intrinsically necessary. Men no longer teach their sons how to become a man, because maybe their son played with a Barbie once. Many men no longer challenge themselves, or live what Theodore Roosevelt called “the strenuous life,” because they’ve been told that accepting themselves for who they are is more important than the growth that comes with discomfort.

via Real Men Don’t Get ‘Offended’.

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