Plan B to fix roads – Fox 2 News Headlines

We need to find a way to fund our roads without taxing the people of Michigan … Maybe we need to look at where our tax dollars are already going… I am sure there is a lot of wasted money going to programs that are not needed or just don’t work. Maybe its time to call in an independent auditor look over Michigan’s books…


There’s a lot of talk about Proposal One to fix the roads, but what happens if the proposal doesn’t pass, come May?

One lawmaker has come up with a plan B that he says won’t cost taxpayers a dime.

A plan B to fix the roads that would not cost taxpayers anything? Really?

“We’ve built up almost $18 billion. I’m asking for us to take a loan against that,” said Rep. Pete Lucido (R-36th District).

via Plan B to fix roads – Fox 2 News Headlines.

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