Gruesome Colorado Case Sheds Light on Fetal Homicide Laws – ABC News

Here is the issue, if we, as a nation, allow murder of babies on one instance, but not in another, how can we ever truly say that murder is wrong? What this woman did is disturbing, but not unexpected, we no-longer value life in America, we have place a price tag on it,we have reduced it a matter of convenience and renamed it a clump of cells.

When life is no-longer respected, and the laws allow for this disrespect, then our moral and legal ground has eroded out from underneath our footing.  Today it is a choice to kill a baby as-long as it has not yet breathing on its own. Tomorrow it will be OK to kill that same child when it becomes just to much to handle and not to soon after that, murder-at-will will be the law of the land.

Once respect is lost for life, once we allow people to choose between convenience and inconvenience, the value of a human being has been downgraded to one lower than a tree. There is often times more out rage at the cutting down of tree or the hunting of an animal then there is at the killing of a baby. Our moral fabric is torn and tattered, yet many see this as progress.

America needs to return to her roots, we do not need to “transform” America, we just need to remember who and what we are, a nation that was built on the concept of equality and that we all are of the creator.


The gruesome case of a Colorado woman accused of cutting open the belly of a pregnant woman and removing her unborn baby girl is reviving the highly-charged debate over when a fetus can legally be considered a human being.

In the past two years, Colorado twice rejected efforts to make the death of a fetus a homicide under state law. The Democratic-led legislature voted down a bill to do that in 2013 and last year 65 percent of voters rejected a ballot measure that would have granted legal rights to unborn fetuses, the state’s third rejection of a so-called “personhood measure.”

via Gruesome Colorado Case Sheds Light on Fetal Homicide Laws – ABC News.

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