Pope Says Underpaid Teachers Is “An Injustice” | ZENIT – The World Seen From Rome

Ok, I am Catholic, and I do like Pope Francis, but really, what is underpaid?  and what would the Church consider overpaid for teachers? What is the correct amount? I am sure many Catholic School Teachers would have a lot to say about this. They are truly underpaid…

“Teaching is a beautiful work,” Pope Francis has said, noting, “Too bad that teachers are underpaid.”

The Holy Father made these remarks while addressing members of the Union of Italian Catholic Teachers, Directors, Educators, and Trainers (UCIIM) Saturday afternoon in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall.

The Argentine Pope reflected how, in his nation, teachers had to work much overtime to make a salary that one could barely live on, and how it takes a certain dedication to be an effective teacher.

“Teaching is beautiful,” he highlighted, because “you can see, day after day, the people who are entrusted to your care grow.” “It is also a great responsibility!” he exclaimed.

Not only do teachers spend the time at school doing their work, they also have to spend time preparing, “while keeping in mind every one of their students and how to help them move forward,” he said.

“It’s true?” he said, “It’s an injustice.”

via Pope Says Underpaid Teachers Is “An Injustice” | ZENIT – The World Seen From Rome.

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