Michigan Pot Hole ice cream may help fix crummy roads

Maybe Michigan needs to start a Go Fund Me project, or ask more major corporations to make Michigan Pot Hole items and donate money to the fix our roads fund… Maybe Michigan should copyright “Pot Hole” and collect usage fees…


Forget Rocky Road. Michigan’s highways and byways passed that point long ago. Now, with the asphalt crumbling into crevasses beneath our tires, comes a new flavor with a more fitting name.

It’s called Michigan Pot Hole, and its creator β€” Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream in Shelby Township β€” plans to donate 1% of sales from the product to the state for road repairs.

Ashby’s describes the seasonally appropriate flavor as “thick, black-tar fudge in chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate asphalt,” or fudge cups.

via Michigan Pot Hole ice cream may help fix crummy roads.

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