Black, White – Boy, Girl… Does it matter?

Let me ask you all a question….

Do you think it is productive or counterproductive to always refer to race?

Do you think it is productive or counterproductive to always refer to gender?


Unemployment is 9% and black unemployment is 12%…


Black teen killed by white teen


Black America

and I could go on, but I think you see what I am saying… Ask yourself this, why bring color into it? Unemployed is unemployed, dead teen is a dead teen, they are no more dead because they are black nor no more unemployed then they would be if they where white.

I find it offensive that we tend to break everything down to color. If we are one Nation, then there is not Black America nor White America, there is only America! We don’t need to categorize our problems by color, we to find solutions to our problems, for all Americans.

It’s not just Black and White, its also Boy and Girl.

Years ago the nation decided girls needed to do better in Math and Science, so they set out to make a plan, they implemented the plan, aimed at girls. In doing so they neglected the boys. The outcome, more boys drop out of school, are less likely to attend post secondary school, and if they do attend, they are more likely to never finish.

Once again we looked at one segment of America and not all of America…

We are doing again with College… We are pushing all our kids to attend 2 and 4 year institutions. Nothing wrong with college, for those that want to or need to attend. But not everyone needs to. Last time I checked, the garbage collectors do not need a PHD, nor do most, if not all, small business owners. Yet we keep pushing, the result, Michigan is in need of Skill Trades workers. We have none, because we kept pushing 4 years of post secondary schooling… Because we keep saying to our youth, you will never compete in this world unless you are educated. Well, not true, never has been and never will be… Don’t get me wrong, yes, you need education, and yes lots of kids need and want college, but some, do not.

Why do we do this? I think we do it because it makes us feel better about ourselves. When I can say, Look at what I did, I helped that Girl do better in math or Look, I enacted laws to lower Black unemployment. Both are good things, but neither of them are truly helpful. We can not neglect one over the other.

When we started looking at girls and education, we stopped looking at boys and there education. Example, with reading, they decided to bring in books girls would enjoy.. Great idea, but at the same time they removed books boys would enjoy, in the name of diversity, bad idea. Now boys are less likely to read into adulthood. Sad… We just robbed our future men of they pleasure of reading, and stunted the imaginations of millions of boys.

Just my thoughts, what are yours?

God Bless

Paul Sposite

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