Hobby Lobby

Not sure I understand all the controversy over the whole Hobby Lobby thing. Let me see if I have all the facts

  • Hobby Lobby is a privately owned corporation
  • They are a Christian based store
  • They are closed on Sundays to allow there team members family time
  • They do not force anyone to work for them
  • They do not force the team members to convert to Christianity to work there
  • They do not discriminate, anyone is welcome to spend their hard earned money there, except on Sundays, when they are closed



I am sure I am missing something…. Oh, ya, they do not want the government telling them what they have to provide in there insurance plans, such as abortion or abortion causing drugs.


OK, I still don’t understand the great big concern… If an employee of Hobby Lobby would like to get an abortion, they pay the $500 or whatever it is out-of-pocket. Why this is an issue? Personally I don’t think insurance should cover a list of things, well they shouldn’t be forced to cover…


  • Abortion
  • The Little blue pill
  • Cosmetic surgery (for vanity reasons)
    • Breast enhancements
    • Face Lift
    • Lip / Butt jobs
  • Sex Changes
  • Birth Control

To me, insurance should only cover medical necessities:

  • Yearly Exams
  • Emergencies
  • All test and shots associated with exam/ emergencies
  • Baby wellness
  • Elderly wellness

And not being a doctor or someone involved in the medical field, I am sure I am missing all sorts of things, but you get the idea, insurance should be there to cover the medical needs, not the medical wants. The fact that you get pregnant when it’s not convenient is not a medical emergence, the fact that you can’t seem to get it up any longer is not an emergence. In both cases I say pay for it yourself.

Now some will say I am being unfair, that I am uncaring… No, that’s not it all; I just think we have become too reliant on others caring for us and our needs. There is no need to have insurance pay for birth control, nor is there any reason why we cannot pay for our own vanity. Insurance should not be our main payment option for our medical wants, rather insurance should be for our medical needs.

Now back to Hobby Lobby. Look, you don’t like the fact they do not want to pay for abortion then don’t shop there or work for them, it’s that easy.

The Supreme Court did the right thing…



Just my thoughts

God Bless

Paul Sposite

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