Thoughts on Santa from a Friend of mine…

A Post from a friend of mine

In Defense of Santa…and other things

I’ve been noticing ‘round these Catholic parts, some people have an issue with Santa.  QUELLE HORREUR!!!! (Just kidding of course- whatever works for your family and gets them ready for Jesus’ birthday).

I’d like to let you know how we do Advent/Christmas- blending the ‘secular’ (which is beautiful) and the ‘Holy’ (or something’ like that).

Do you know, I found out last year, there is a priest in the Archdiocese who actually calls forth the children at the CHILDREN’S MASS, and tells them, collectively that Santa isn’t real?  Are you joking me?!?!

We believe in Santa.  We just do.  My dad, who is a senior citizen, well,  he believes in Santa.  If anyone tries to say Santa isn’t real, he lets them know what’s up.  Santa is the spirit of giving that occurs during the Advent/Christmas season.  It is the nudge you have in your soul to generously give and the feeling you get when you have given of yourself, your time or your treasure.  When each of us siblings reached the age where the ‘Santa Talk’ had to be had, that’s how it was described to us. And we got it, and we loved participating in the mystery for the younger siblings.

Right next to our tree, I have this poster-puzzle a Mercy Girl made for me long ago.  It is a picture of Santa, he is done making the rounds and he is dreaming of the Christ Child.  On the top of our tree is a star and right below the star is an ornament of Santa adoring the baby Jesus.  These are the symbols we use to blend the ‘magic’ of Santa with the awe-inspiring reality of a God who become next to nothing, born in a manger.

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God Bless

Paul Sposite

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