The Table of Memories

It has been sometime between postings… No real good reason, it just seems a shift has taken place, the need to write, to post to my blog has slowed down. I often think about posting, but never do it, but today I decided to give it a go. The funny thing is, I have no idea what I am going to write about… It’s Sunday morning at 8am, I’ve been up for just over 1 hour, looked over the newspapers (well looked over the iPad news papers) having my coffee and decided, why not… Lets write a blog… So here I am… But what to say…

It is the time of year when summer gives away to fall, the air is getting that crispness to it that I love, soon the leaves will be changing and the warmth of summer will giveaway to the coolness of autumn, and soon the snows of winter will blanket the ground. I love the changing of sessions, the newness of the air yet, yet the comfort of knowing an old friend is visiting. The fall reminds me of apple cider and hot doughnuts of fire places and hot tea. Each change of season offers us the opportunity stop and reflect, to take stock in our lives and rearrange our priorities.

The last few days I have been on vacation, unplanned as I was, so I took the opportunity to do a little rearranging in my house, purchased a few new and used end tables, moved a few things around, gave away some other tables and before you know it, my front room has been transformed. It is simpler and more spacious. Amazing what can happen when you spend the time to clean up and rearrange a room.

With a few other minor changes in my kitchen and back room, I have given my home a new look and feel. Less cluttered and more open. As a life long believer in life lessons and learning from everything, I know there is a lesson in my adventures in redecorating, there is a deeper meaning, a value beyond the look and feel of a room. As a life coach I know my life is in constant change, as it should be, for with out change, with out growth, we die. My front room was the same for a few years, it worked and over all I liked it. But truth be told, it felt cluttered and tight. It was time to open it up and allow the room to flow better, to allow the space to grow.

I believe the past is connected to our now and our yet-to-be’s, or future is part of our past and our past is part of our futures. In my redo of my front room I purchased 3 tables, one is a coffee table and the other 2 are end tables, of the three tables only one of them is new, and in truth it’s not even an end table, it’s a plant stand turned into an end table. The other two are used, or as some would say vintage. The second end table is a link to my past, it’s a round end table just like one from my childhood. I saw it, and had to have it, it reminded my of a simpler life, of my mom and of days gone by, but not forgotten. The table is nothing special, and I am sure when my mom and dad purchased it, it was not a high-end item, we couldn’t afford such things. I am sure it has no value, I paid $6.00 for for it, but to me it’s worth a million. A million memories, a million hopes and dreams, to me it’s worth more…

The connection to my past is felt every time I look at it, I has always “loved” that table, don’t know why, like I said, it’s nothing special, but I have just always loved it. So now I have it. Not the original, as far as I know of, but that’s ok, it’s not really the table I love, it’s just the feelings and memories attached to it. Why this table over any other my parents may have owned? I’m not sure, but this table connects me more to my past than any other item I have, that came from my parents. Funny how that works…

I have a kitchen table, over 100 years old my mom gave me, that I love and always wanted, I have a high back chair that’s very old that was my moms that my sister gave me, and I love that chair, but for some reason it’s this simple table, that I am sure is not even the one they owned, that seems to evoke feelings from me. Maybe because I just got it, or maybe because I found it and purchased it or maybe there is a deeper connection that I just don’t understand yet, what ever it is I am glad for it.



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