Truly Happy? Can I do it…


Can I truly be happy? This is a question most of us ask ourselves at one point or another in our lives. The answer, yes, you can truly be happy, if you do a few simple things.

The secret to being happy is not secret at all, never has been, never will be. All we have to do is listen to ourselves, our body, our heart and our souls. The rhythm of life pulsates through us, and speaks to us in the sorrows and joys of our life. The tears of happiness and sadness tell us much about ourselves and our passions define us. When we learn to read the subtle nuances of or body, the shift in our stance or the tapping of our change in our breathing, we will learn to hear our body speaking to us.

We, as a whole, often times ignore the body and what it is trying to tell us, we over eat, even when our body is saying STOP!, we push ourselves to the limit, when the limit is often times to far. We need to learn to listen to our body, learn to recognize its voice and to understand its complaints.

The are of happiness is not lost to us, it has just been covered with layer upon layer of life, or what we think is life. We have dismissed it as useless information and replaced it with the latest fad in self improvement. Think about this, self-improvement books, DVD’s and seminars are a recent creation. The gurus and sages of today are pale facsimiles of the true gurus and sages of antiquity. They have discovered that with marketing and fancy plans they can make a buck off of your suffering and desires. They have developed programs the lead you to endless searching and wanting and created an industry worth billions:

Personal development – also commonly called self-improvement – is a booming industry! And Internet-based personal development – also commonly called e-learning – is now becoming increasingly popular.

According to market research and statistics, it is a 64 billion dollar industry worldwide. In the US alone, an estimated 9.6 billion dollars is invested in personal development in 2005 in the form of:

– books

– motivational speakers

– personal coaching

– weight loss programs

– audio tapes

– stress management programs

It is also projected that this industry will grow at the rate of 11.4 percent yearly and reach 13.9 billion dollars in 2010.

Article Source:

Granted, this blog, my Life Coaching and public speaking is all part of this industry, but… (There is always a but) I am not a firm believer in the quick easy results nor the new age trends. I believe in a holistic approach to self improvement, and I believe that each and everyone of us has the answer to happiness inside of us. I believe that a life coach, guru, sage, whatever you want to call them, job is to help you discover you. Not to teach you the latest new age process to achieve some utopia that truly does not exist. My job, as a life coach, is to listen, reflect and guide you to you, to help you see you. It is a task that requires much more from the coached than the coach themselves. I, as the coach, am to show you, teach you and guide you to hear your own body, heart and soul. To understand the language of you and not of others, To lead you to that special place that exist only inside of you, that one place that is uniquely all your own, that place were you and God commune as only you and God can.

That special place is not mine or your parents or spouses, it is yours and only yours.

This is the place of true happiness, and at one point we all have seen it, experienced it, even if for only a moment. The moment when life seemed fresh and bright, when colors were vivid and sounds of nature overwhelmed the senses. The moment when time seemed to stop and eternity was here. That is happiness, that is human potential and our heaven on earth. It is achievable, it is realistic and it is not hidden from us. It is with in our grasps, if only we learn to grasp it.

Life was created for happiness, happiness even in a world of sorrows. Our ability to overcome heartache and devastation is proof that we were created for happiness. So how come we are not happy? Why is it that others seem to be able to shoulder the burdens of life and we cannot? The difference, they, the ones that are happy and fulfilled have learned to listen to the body, hear the heart and feel the soul, they are one with themselves and have learned to be content within there own personal “special place” the place that they commune with God. The truly happy are far and few between, but it does not have to be that way, we all can achieve it, if we desire.

God Bless & A blessed Holy Week

Paul Sposite

Guided Insight Life Coach 



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