Rest: A Lenten Reflection

In a world that is always on the run, were each moment is scheduled and every activity planned the word rest can seem a bit odd. How often have I heard people so, I have no time for rest, too much to do, too many places to go. It is a common response, sad to say, that people just do not find it very important to find time to rest.

Rest in me, take refuge in my arms, relax and breathe of new life. This is what the Lord is saying to us all, it is a commandment, keep hole the Sabbath, God himself rested on the seventh day and Jesus often found time to go off and rest in His Fathers loving arms. Yes, we cannot seem to find the time. Odd, don’t you think, that the creator of all can find time to rest, yet we cannot.

Jesus often times would go off by Himself to pray, to rest, He understood the importance of quiet time to Himself, time to reenergize his spirit with a little conversation with His Father. Conversation that sometimes meant just being in God’s presence, no words, no actions, just resting in Him.

I have been thinking a lot about resting as of late. Work has been hectic and family life has been a tab bit stressful, and the word “REST” has been calling to me. My mind has been calling up the word tired whenever anyone asks how I am. Tired, just tired. Tired of work, tired of winter, tired of family, tired of being tired.

Rest, relaxation, meditation and contemplation, that is the remedy for tired. Lent offers us the opportunity to “schedule” that into our daily lives. Nightly reading from the bible, quiet prayer time, retreats and other Lenten activities that call us to quiet ourselves and to let the soft voice of God whisper into our hearts. Rest in me and you shall find peace that is what God is whispering to me, what is He whispering to you? Can you stop and rest long enough to hear his words?

God Bless & Happy Lent

Paul Sposite

Guided Insight Life Coach

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2 thoughts on “Rest: A Lenten Reflection

  1. Hi Paul, thank you for your message and rebloging, it is very important we have physical rest or we will not have the energy to do the things needed including a clear mind to pray and read the Scriptures, when they speak of rest they are talking Spiritually, Jesus himself is our rest and in Him we rest from our works, we no longer strive to keep the law, we have His strengh to keep it. When we rest Spiritually we are Trusting in Jesus to carry our burdens, as we are perfected into His image.

    Christian Love Anne.


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