Open Letter to the State of Michigan Government

Seal of Michigan.

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January 24, 2012

State of Michigan Government

Lansing Michigan

Honorable Representatives:

I write this open letter for several reasons, but mostly because of my deep love and pride in my state. I am a Michigander from birth, and God willing I will die in my home state. But this letter is not about why I love Michigan, nor is it about where I wish to die. Rather it is about my beloved home state succumbing to a slow death.

Much progress has been made this past year, but much is still needed. The underlying issues need to be addressed and a new perspective needs to be viewed. The social and political nature of this great State needs to be addressed and reworked. The morality of our State needs to be realigned and the priorities need adjusting.

Many of the issues are outside of the government’s direct control, such as morality and social issues. But the government can and does have influence on the overall tone of the state. It is the states responsibility to care for and be concerned with the betterment of her population. The citizenry of this great State is, to some extent, dependent upon the government, and the tone with which the seat of power sets is by default, the tone of her citizens.

We, being a vast and diverse society, have many views and opinions on many social issues. No one governmental body will ever please the complete and complex citizenry. Nor is it the responsibility of the government to do so. Rather, it is the responsibility of the government, in concern to social issues, to set the tone of this great state. To pass laws and resolutions that protect her citizens from harm and to provide the ability to succeed, be it in business, education or home life.

All to often we, the citizen, become dependent upon the Government, developing a entitlement mentality, placing undue burden and request upon our elected officials. For this, I am sorry. The predicament this must place you in, as servants of the public interest, must be, at times, unbearable. Yet, the responsibility in not totally that of your constituents, you, the elected, have a responsibility to educate us, your public and advocate for sound laws that will help us, not make us dependent. That responsibility falls on you and you alone. We, the citizens, have no ability to neither write nor enact laws; this is your responsibility, why you were elected.

The sad fact that many politicians, not only in the Great State of Michigan, but nationally, vote for reelection is a gross miss use of the powers granted to them, thru the trust of their constituents. Laws being brokered and passed, not based on what is best for the state or even the district they represent, but rather being passed to purchase votes. This practice is a sad commentary on the current state of affairs, not only in Michigan but nationally.

The current House and Senate along with the Governor have the opportunity to correct this, to set a new tone for the seat of power and the citizenry. You, ladies and gentleman of distinction and make a difference, put aside political parties, egos and votes. Look deeply into your hearts and souls and vow to fix that with is broken. Revamp the current social welfare of this state, re-invent the schools and invigorate the citizenry. Pass laws that return responsibilities to the people, making us, the citizens, responsible for our own actions and return power to the local governments allowing to community to care for themselves.

If we look at history, we look to the past generations to live and thrive in this state; we will see a theme, a theme of hard work, personal responsibility and ingenuity. We can read about Henry Ford and his ability to overcome many setbacks he faced, yet he faced them and found creative ways, without government hand outs, to overcome and create Ford Motor Company. We can read about the founding of this great state, the hardships and triumphs of our founders. We can look back to the heritage of Michiganders and see courage and strength, a no-nonsense attitude that created one of the Greatest States this Great Nation has ever known. But we can also look back and see the blemishes upon this state, the 67 riots the demise of the auto industries and the political scandals.

Each and every event has the power to uplift or tear down; the choice is ours and ours alone. We cannot and should not allow the National media define us. Yet we do, and we fall to the standards they set for us. We, as a state need to lift ourselves up and set our own standards, standards that raise the bar high, standards that are truly Michigan in nature, Standards that our fore Fathers would be proud of. Alas, we fail to do this, we choose to allow ourselves to tumble and fall the lowest common denominator, the public opinion of Michigan set by the outsiders, not by Michiganders.

But all is not lost, you, the Senate, House and Governor have the power to help set a new course for Michigan. You can help to set the new narrative that will define this Great State. You can help reshape and redirect Michigan. The citizens will do their part, we will be partners in this. But first we must know, we must feel, that you, our elected, are doing what is right and just, not doing what gets the most votes. Sure, you may not win reelection, but you will have lost knowing you have done the right thing.

Let’s start today, let’s work hard to recreate and reinvent Michigan.

God Bless you and the work you do

Paul W. Sposite

A proud citizen of the Great State of Michigan

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2 thoughts on “Open Letter to the State of Michigan Government

  1. The state government of Georgia is the U.S. state governmental body established by the Georgia State Constitution . It is a republican government with three branches : the legislature , executive , and judiciary . Through a system of separation of powers or “checks and balances”, each of these branches has some authority to act on its own, some authority to regulate the other two branches, and has some of its own authority, in turn, regulated by the other branches.


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