Faith in Humanity

Last week my house was broken into, for anyone who has had this happen, you know the feeling. The feeling of being violated. What they took is all replicable except some watches that use to belong to my day, but the rest is just stuff, and stuff can be replaced. I called the police, they found some evidence, but I am not very hopeful because, truth be told, this is not the biggest thing on their radar. Yes it was well over $4000.00 dollars of stuff, but still small stuff considering the larger picture.  The insurance company is taking care of it all, so it will all be replaced soon.

But what makes me mad is this simple concept, that some people feel they have the right to take what they want, to take what I have worked hard for, what I have purchased with my hard-earned money. And, sad to say, we have done it to ourselves. We have created a nation of “But I want it” a youth of “I deserve it” and a belief that “We just don’t understand them”.

Bull crap!

I understand, I understand that I have worked hard all my life for what I have. That I don’t just take what I want, that I understand that I know it is wrong to take what is not yours. And don’t give me that crap they just don’t know any better. I will wager that if I went up to on of the low fife thief’s and took something of there’s, they would understand that it was not right to take what they have, just because I wanted it. They understand right from wrong, it’s a basic to life. We are born with it, even a child knows they are not happy when you take something from them. Sure it takes time for them to understand that it works both ways, that its wrong to have something taken and to take. But anyone who can drive is old enough to have that basic skill set. Nope it has nothing to do with “They don’t understand”” but more to do with “They just don’t care”.

We have a basic moral code in us, we always have and always will, but free will allows us to choose do as we please, and they choose to take what was not theirs. Plain and simple!

Back in June my car was stolen, prior to that some change was stolen from my car and now this, add to this that my Dog passed away in April it has not been a good year.


I have not lost faith in the human race, I still give people the benefit of the doubt… I still look to the future with hope, maybe a little more prayer that before last week, but still hope.

God Bless


Guided Insight Life Coach

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