7 thoughts on “Christmas and Correctness

  1. Personally, political correctness, is akin to restricting Freedom of Speech. IMHO. While some things, many, that people say I do not agree with, such as the KKK, etc….I still believe in the Freedom of Speech. Even, unfortunately, the ugly stuff. I think your observation is pretty close. Altho in my neck of the woods there is still a lot of the nativity scenes, etc… Nice article.


  2. Nice blog Paul! I am the author of the photo gallery “Santa’s In Da House” and just wanted to let you know, that I also have FIVE Nativity scenes in my home as well! And they are the MOST special to me of all my decorations! God bless you and Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  3. As a non-believer who has always said – and still does say – Merry Christmas – I kind of understand – really I do. I don’t say God Bless because I think that is disrespectful of me to say since I don’t believe in the sentiment. I do say thank you to those who wish it because I know it is said out of kindness.
    However, if I think back to all the decorations I have seen in my lifetime – and not only is my yard decorated to Griswoldian standards, but many on my street are as well – I will say that placing the nativity outside has never been a common practice. Now, on the mantle or piano or even under the tree? Yes – as in indoor display it is very common among my Christian friends and family.There is one house in town that has always had prominent religious decor outside and they still do again this year.
    I think sometimes, we have to be careful about *looking* for reasons to feel discrimination. Quite obviously the reality is that you are not at all – you said it yourself that the majority of the country is of one of the Christian faiths. As a white male Catholic you HAVE to know you are quite far from any minority status just about any way you slice it. I’m sure I qualify as a minority in many more ways 🙂
    I do completely agree that all religions should be able to celebrate their Holy Days freely and without guilt.
    So to you I wish a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday to your Savior. May the reasons that you celebrate the season fill your heart with warmth and love.
    And I will enjoy the beauty of the decorations no matter what their source 🙂


  4. I’m a devout Christian, one of the pastors at my church (granted it’s Protestant). But I don’t get the idea of demanding our rights to celebrate Christmas to be respected. Celebrating Christmas is not mandated, or even suggested, in the Bible. It wasn’t widely celebrated until the 4th century, and the Puritans actually outlawed it. So why do we have the right to get so defensive about it?

    Even if we do have the right, Christians are called to surrender our rights … not fight for them. Have you ever thought of 1 Corinthians 9:13-23 applying to this? Paul was talking about having a wife and collecting a paycheck, but if he had a “right” to those, we certainly have the “right” to fight for Christmas. Like Paul, I would rather surrender my “right” to Christmas than lose an opportunity to share the gospel. The gospel is offensive enough without us getting mad at someone for not liking Christmas. I would rather pick my battles. Just a thought, I’m interested in yours too.


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