Christmas music

Well it has been sometime between blogs, lots in the news about the “peaceful” occupy wall street group. Lots about the republican candidates, including the surge of Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich and the Obama jobs bill that seems unable to pass (thank God). But the news I want to talk about is a local Detroit think.
Friday started a tradition that I one love, the tradition of wall to wall Christmas music, yep, 27/7 Christmas music. I love it…. But I, for one, love to listen to Christmas music all year-long, so to me it’s a Go send, to others, well not so much.
But I ask, what is wrong with starting the Christmas cheer a little sooner? Why not enjoy the festive songs for 2 solid months? Why not think about the birth of our savior a little sooner.
Now for some Christmas is just a day to give and receive gifts, it has no meaning it has no spiritual side, just shopping and giving, and. For far to many, it’s all about getting…
But for me Christmas represents all that is good in this old world, all that is possible and all that is needed. So for me the music, the feeling and the session can never come to soon.
A I sit here writing this posting, I am listening to 105.1fm playing Christmas music, and I am in heaven….
I was thinking the other day what I would do if I ever won the lottery, if I ever had money to spare of if I ever lost my job. What would I want to do, more than anything in the world… And two options came to me, both involving being self-employed…
1. Start up my faith formation program up again, STATIC Youth. Market and sell, what I consider to be the best faith program for teens ever created for the Catholic faith.
2. Open up a Christmas/holiday shop, create a destination for families…
I not sure what one calls to me more… My love of all things Christmas has always been a big part of me, from my youth till now.
It’s a funny story how I became such a Christmas music lover, but in some ways it has to do with my parents punishing me for bad grades.
When I was young, and would bring home a report card with anything under a C, I was always grounded from the TV. Well that seemed to happen each and every report card, each and every year. Well with no Tv, that left a lot of time to listen to my mom and dads records. And the only records they had, that I enjoyed, we’re Christmas records. The classics, Bring, Frank, Perry and all the rest. So from the first report card marking until Christmas I would lay on the floor listening to the Christmas records, ever so softly, not to bother the rest of my family.
So, my love of Christmas music before thanksgiving was now part of my life. And a part that I would not trade for the world. With the advent of Internet Christmas radio stations, I was able to listen to Christmas music anytime I wished, and found myself listening to Christmas music in June, July and all year-long. When ever I need a pick me up, I turn on the Christmas music, and my mood changes and life becomes, once again, happy and gay (using the original meaning of gay).
So, for me, this time of year, the political news become second to me, the talk radio is off and the Christmas music is on…. I will admit, that at times it looks a little silly listening to Let it snow, when it’s in the 50’s, but such is life.

God bless

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