Germany, Liberals and Me

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I just returned from a trip from Germany and was reminded why I dislike liberal point of views. As always the Germans feel a need to tell me how great Obama is and who the rich need to pay even more in taxes, as if they have a vote or say so in America.

As always, being a conservative, I am a target for all that is wrong in the world, the poor, air pollution, the ice caps melting and any and all issues near and dear to the heart of any bleeding heart liberal. I am all to happy to confront them with facts, but just like American liberals, the Germans don’t want to be confused with facts, they just get in the way of there grand plan. Simple facts like under Obama our economy had gotten worse, or more Americans are now on food stamps than any other time in our history (to this the nice liberal German responded “cool”).

Trying to explain that the “rich people and big bad corporations” create jobs, and when you tax them they have less money to create jobs and there for more people go on government support. Funny thing was, they see nothing wrong with this.

I just don’t get it…

But I think it all comes down to personal responsibility. now that is a word that liberals can’t even begin to understand, nor do they want to, because if they did, well that would basically remove all there pet projects. No more social engineering of the market place, no more welfare  programs to hold people back and freedom (another word liberals just do get) to succeed or fail.

Liberals believe that government knows better, that the powers that be can solve any and all problems, that basically the people are just to stupid to know what is right. Well, if that is true, than how can we trust ourselves to vote in people who are smarter and know better? To me, if I didn’t think the people were smart enough to govern there own lives, I’m not to sure I really want them to pick someone to do it for me… How could I trust myself to do the right thing?

Now Conservatives, we know that people, over all, will do the right thing, we trust in our fellow man to come though for us. And we understand that government is to be small and efficient and must stay out of our personal lives and allow the free market to do its thing. There is no such thing as “to big to fail” (yes I know some Republicans think there is, but they are not Conservatives) we understand that over time some things fade away and others come and replace it. Coming from Detroit, I would have hated to see GM go away, but understanding the free market, if you can’t keep up, than the market will take care of it. GM did not need the Federal Government to take them over, in the end all they did was file for bankruptcy, GM could have done that all on there own, with out big loan from the Feds. Just look at the history of this nation, major companies have come and gone, and new companies replace them, it’s the nature of business. It’s the process of natural selection, the strong survive, its just a process of evolution. Now you would think Liberals would embrace that, they keep pushing evolution on us, yet when it comes to this, they decide that a managed approach would work better.

When Conservatives talk about a managed approach, we are mostly referring to wild life and hunting licenses, or fishing permits, and here the Liberals go  nuts…. Once again they claim the natural approach. So if I understand the Liberal mind set here is what I get from all this:

  • People cant be trusted to do the right thing
  • Government is the answer to all of life’s issues and problems
  • Managing wild life with hunting is wrong
  • Managing business with regulations is good
  • Natural selection only applies to the animal kingdom
  • Humans can forgo natural selection by opting to abort a life
  • The death penalty is wrong because it aborts life
  • You don’t have to earn your money, that is degrading, the government will just give it to you
  • Welfare is a stimulus to the economy, not a drag on it
  • Forcing social issues on the people is the best way to conversation
  • Freedom is over rated

The list could go on and on, but you get the basic idea… Liberals are all about control, control of government, control of business and control of you. The more they can get there hands into my pocket and take my money the more I will need to depend upon them, the more control they will have over me. Yet people keep voting them in to office… I don’t get it… Are we to afraid of taking personal responsibility that we are all to happy to vote in socialist… I pray that America has learned her lesson and that our first great socialist President, Obama, will be a one termer. Now Obama is not the first socialist President, just look back at our history, The New Deal is a perfect example of socialism in the United Stated, the difference, Obama ran on his socialistic issues, and won in a land slide and he has not backed down from it one bit. Even though the American people, overwhelmingly don’t want it. Take ObamaCare, a majority of Americans do not want this social engineering of our healthcare, most Americans want a responsible solution to our healthcare issues, not a government run system. Yet Obama don’t care what we want, he knows better. Just listen to him when he talks, when he says things like “Now I want to be perfectly clear” or  “Now hear me out” what he is really saying is, “look, your just to stupid to know what is best for you, so just do as I tell you”. A perfect example of this was during his “Big Jobs” speech before the joint session of congress, you know when he keeps saying “Pass this bill now”. Two things about that:

  1. There was no bill at that time
  2. It’s not the presidents job to dictate to congress

But what does Obama care about what his job is or not, he tramples on the constitution so why not just make his job up as he goes along.

Yep, my trip to Germany reminded my why I love being a Conservative… It’s good to trust in your fellow man and not in your Government…

God Bless



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One thought on “Germany, Liberals and Me

  1. Well, Paul. I am like you a conservative and there is nothing to add to your statement. I too was in Germany but back in 54. The people have changed considerably since I was there and I imagine that change came about because when we took over Germany, we designed their constitution. It is a great deal like ours but with a few differences. One of those differences is the power lies with the government, not the people.

    I also remember the Raw Deal from Roosevelt and he had a hand in the design of the German Constitution. That might explain why the people have come to rely on government for their every need.

    You and I see Social Democracy as a government building enterprise and we see the rights of the people dwindling as Social Democracy takes control of a country. However, even if Obama is reelected, I see the American people striving for freedom and striving for entrepreneurship of their own businesses. I’m old enough to know that it is impossible to break the spirit of the American people. Yes, you can put your hope in the welfare recipient if you’re a politician, but they do not represent the entire America, only a small portion of it.

    There will come a time in America where the takers will not have a say in what the givers are willing to give and the takers will not have a vote in the procedure of government.

    Dr. Tickles

    Thanks for visiting my site and thanks for your ideas about freedom.


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