Bloggers Block…

Sometimes the hardest part about writing a blog, or anything for that matter, is just getting started. Today is one of  those days. I did what I normally would do, I read the news, looked at other blogs and quotes. But nothing jumped out at me. Sometimes the ideas come easy and just flow out of me, and other times I start the blog 3 or 4 times, and end up just walking away from for a day or 2, sometimes even longer.  But today I can feel that I have something in me that wants to come out, but I just don’t know what it is yet. So I will wait, I will just sit and wait…

Did more research, and yet nothing.. But I know it’s there, I can feel it….

I keep telling myself that I need to write my ideas, so when things like this happen, I always have a back up.. But I never do it. Most of the time my ideas come to me when I am reading, and I am not one for marking up my books or keeping a note pad by me. But I really should, maybe not mark them up, but use sticky notes or something. With all the different books I read at one time, it is often times hard to remember where I read what.

I think one of the hardest parts of blogging for me is the research part, I’m not really all that  into researching. That’s one of the main reasons I don’t do a lot of articles that are based in research, but more that are just my thoughts and feelings. Every-now-and-then I will do some researched based articles, but its hard for me.

One of the projects I am working on is going to force me to do research, and make me organize all my information. This also is a week spot for me. I’m not a very organized person, but if I want to do this project, and I do, than I will have to learn to research and organize my information.  So maybe that will also help me with my blogs… Maybe I will learn some tricks  and tips along the way.

With my new iPad (I won it!) maybe I will become more organized, I am trying but just have not found the tools (apps) I like yet or just don’t know what apps I need.  The one tool I do like to use on the PC is OneNote by Microsoft, but I have not found a iPad app for this yet. But even my OneNote is not truly organized, it’s a bit of a mess…

I just saw a video about a new app for WordPress to help with organization, I think I will look into it, see if it helps. But in truth the only thing that will help is me writing down my ideas, someplace, writing post ahead of time and doing the research needed. So maybe what I need to do is this:

  • Create an editorial schedule weeks in advance
  • Research and document sources
  • Set up a publication timeline
  • Organize my thoughts
  • Keep to it!

I think that’s the plan, and that’s the direction I want to go. I also should decide on the topics that are  discussed on this blog:

  • Faith & Reason
  • Politics
  • Catholic Teachings
  • Founding Fathers
  • Saints
  • Self Help

So should I stick to this.. Call it good and work from there, maybe a set rotating schedule?

Monday:  Faith and reason

Tuesday: Founding Fathers

Or just leave it as a what I finish and what is ready? This I think will be more the case than not. But I should try to give a little of each every week or so, or do I not concern myself with that.. Maybe I should only post once per week, or should it be more… .In the past, when I started blogging I posted daily, sometimes more that once per day, I must have had lots to say. Now its hard sometimes to post once a week… Maybe it’s because I am trying to do a better job, make my post mean more, feel more and be more… Or maybe that’s just what I tell myself because I am getting lazy… Not sure….

Well, time will tell… Talk to you all soon

God Bless


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One thought on “Bloggers Block…

  1. Completely understand get this. I sit down to write and there is nothing there. I think that is why you have to write all the time. I was just looking at my posts and there are seven that I don’t think I will ever post because they are not good. But if we stop writing when it’s bad we will never write when it’s good.


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