The 20 things that bug me

Just a few things that bug me:BugsLifeWallpaper1024

  1. When your in a store and the person in front of you is on there phone and checking out. They always take longer, because they are more concerned about there phone call than checking out. Really, you mean to tell me the call cant wait 5 minuets why you are checking out, and it never fails that they talk load….
  2. When you open the door for someone and they don’t say thank you, come on, it takes 2 seconds to be nice and say thank you. I have been in the habit of saying it for them. And the funny thing is, they give me the funny look, like I’m the rude one.
  3. When your at a red light and the person in front of you decides that’s a great time to look for some long lost item in there car. You mean to tell me that could not wait until you got home and parked in your own driveway… Really…
  4. People who walk there dogs and allow there dogs to do there business on your law, and don’t pick it up. You see them looking around to make sure no one is looking. As far as I know your dogs crap in not my responsibility.
  5. When you are having a debate or discussion with some who disagrees with you, and when you start to win the debate, they resort to name calling. Come on, grow up!
  6. SPAM messages to your blog say how great your blog is, in bad English.
  7. When I am Holy Mass and the person next to me decides that having a conversation about some thing or other is a good idea, and when you give them the “look” they act as if you are disrupting them.
  8. Parents who allow there kids to run around stores and restaurants as if it is there personal play ground.
  9. Parents that cuss at there children, really, that’s the best you can do. No other word would have worked? Give me a break.
  10. When you hear about a gang member being shot and killed, and the parent/relative/friend say “They were a good boy, they never did anything wrong”. I guess being in a gang don’t count.
  11. Make-shift memorials at crash sites along the road site. I understand the need to express your sadness and remorse, I even understand the need to somehow mark the event. But it seems that every time anyone gets a hangnail a make-shift roadside memorial pops up.
  12. The need for people to want to be part of everyone else’s tragedy.  When a teen dies in a school it seems that teen must have been the most popular kid ever. Every student seems to post RIP on there Facebook, but if you ask them if they were good friends, the response 9 times out of 10 is, I didn’t know them. Than why are you posting RIP, for the attention? to feel part of it all? Because its what everyone else is doing?
  13. Store clerks who talk on there cell phones or to other workers why they are waiting on you. I am not really all that interested in your weekend plans or who did who…
  14. People who move to this country than bash it… Move back home if America is that bad…
  15. Liberals who praise Cuba or other such countries. Praising there health care or governments, yet ignoring the fact they killed millions of there own people and the people live under fear and oppression.
  16. Sales people who wont leave you alone. I know they work on commission, but don’t they understand that you get more flies with honey than vinegar. If and when I need help, I will ask.
  17. People who voted for Obama, just to be part of history. Really, that’s how you decide who is going to lead the free world, based on the fact that it will make history.
  18. The attitude “I am owed” this or that. We see it in our teens and young adults all the time. There first job they expect to make $100,000.00 and when they find out they are making only $1500.00 they get a little indigent.
  19. School teachers who blindly teach a perverted version of American history.
  20. Unions…. Just because they exist

Well there you have it, the 20 things that bug me….

God Bless


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