10 Simple rules for life, with complex results


Out lives are often times disordered and chaotic. With all the driving, planning, parenting and working, we often times forget to care for ourselves, and the result is we  find ourselves burnt out and unable to do, or at-least do well, all the driving, planning, parenting and working we are required to do. The truth is, there are simple things we can do, each and everyday that will help to make order in our lives, re-focus out energy and allow us to do all the driving, planning, parenting and working we need to do.

tem simple rules, that in the end have very complex and dramatic results. Each rule is something we can do throughout the day to help us center ourselves and bring a calming to our souls.

So here we go:

  1. Smile, a smile can change not only our outlook on life, but also the lives of the ones who received your smile
  2. Laugh, it has been said that laughter is the cure… and it is, learn to laugh at yourself, find the humor in the everyday
  3. Pray, start the morning off with prayer, setting yourself into a humble existence
  4. Listen, nothing makes someone feel wanted and loved like listening to them with intent
  5. Relax, not only will you feel better, but so will all who are around you
  6. De-clutter, clutter on your desk, in your car or at home will cause you to stress (read number 5)
  7. Breath, learn to take breathers throughout the day, little 5 minutes breaks will do wonders for you
  8. Dream, A dream i s like an escape, dream of your perfect vacation or perfect date, let yourself go to that space and revel in it
  9. Read, read about someone you admire or read positive thoughts or uplifting verses
  10. Create, creation is paramount to our existence, God created us in His image, there for we are created to create

The above 10 items are just starting points, use them, nurture them and grow them. I know that they will change your life and your outlook and the added side effect, it will also change the lives and outlooks of all you come in contact with. Simple rules, complex results, can’t ask for much more.

God Bless


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One thought on “10 Simple rules for life, with complex results

  1. Maybe you should have re-read these before you wrote the things that bug you, it might have changed your out look…. well maybe not!


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