Black, White or American?

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Ok, here is a question….

If we want America not to be black or white, but just Americans, how can we achieve this if we keep referring to such things as “Black Unemployment” or “Black America” or the “Black Republicans” Black Democrats”  …  Kind of hard not to see color when all we have is color coding.

To me, am American, it’s all the same, one person out of a job is one American with out work, black or white, what difference does it make? Really, tell me what difference dose it make. So is a black man or woman out of a job trump a white person out of a job? Does a poor black person suffer more than a poor white?

I don’t get it, I really don’t… Maybe I’m just stupid, maybe my simple mind just cant understand the difference between black and white. I’m my simple ways I see people as people, I don’t really care about color. Personally I get offended when I am asked my race on forms, I use to enter silly things such as 50 yard dash, I just don’t understand why it matters. But once again I am a simple minded person, so I am sure all the  politicians and social engineers (what ever the hell that is) must know better than I.

What it comes down to is this, we all are Americans, if you were born here, your American, no matter the color of your skin. We have to stop creating false walls between us, we have to learn that we are all in this together. We are Americans, plane and simple.

I have never heard the expression “Black German” or “Black English” so why “Black American”? I just don’t get it. So should I call myself a “White, Catholic, Irish, Italian, French, English American”  just to make sure I get it all in? I think not! Me, I’m just an American, and happy to be.

I always get upset when I hear news reports that use color… “A black man was killed” but they never saw “A white man was killed” or “Black unemployment is 19%” I never hear White numbers… They never say “White unemployment is…” Why we are at it, lets break it all down, Whites with blond hair and blue eyes unemployment is… We can get very silly with this, and is some ways I think they have.

I understand the need for the break downs. They are very helpful in science research and even the make up of America. But all to often they are used as a wedge placed between Americans, they are used to keep the race card in play. Why? for what end? We will never out grow racism if we keep playing into it.

As the old saying goes, “Can’t we all just get along?” I know we can, if we only make the effort to stop bringing color into it. White, Black, Yellow or Brown, I really don’t care, if you’re a good person, that’s all that really matters. We will always have fools who see color as important, but that is there issue. The majority of Americans try hard not to see color, but to see people.  Now if we would only let them…

God Bless


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6 thoughts on “Black, White or American?

  1. I believe you only read the title of my post. Please read the entire post and all of my blogs, and you should come to the conclusion that I share your “mindset” about race.

    I try to practice what I preach and I practice “good person behavior” which is not racial.

    I agree with you, we are all Americans, and I deal with the “mindset” of people in order to teach them how to forget race and look at the fact that we are all humans regardless of our skin color.

    It is simple and fair. Nothing complicated about my thinking. Please check out my blogs and see if
    you don’t come to same conclusion about me and what I wrote.



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