How Smucker’s BP&J changed the world*

I have written about, in the past, my sisters daughter who had brain cancer as a child, she is 22 now, and over all doing fine. She has the mentality of an 8-year-old, and this, sometimes, causes one to stop and reflect on what she has to say. Many times you just smile and laugh because … Continue reading How Smucker’s BP&J changed the world*

Reading Sheen

Once again I am read Archbishop Fulton Sheen, and as always I am not disapointed, he always has a way of making feel welcomed into the pages of his book. The current book I am reading, Victory over vice looks at our vices through the last words of Christ upon The Cross. What I like … Continue reading Reading Sheen

The new me, yet again. But this time I mean it!

Over the weekend I made some changes to my life, I decided not to be lazy, as I have been the past month or so. I decided to set up tasks and priorities fro myself. Now you may be thinking, you should already have them, you write about this stuff. That I do, and I … Continue reading The new me, yet again. But this time I mean it!

Lazy complacency

I have not posted in sometime, not because I have not had a Lot to say, for I always have a lot to say. It's not because I have not had the time, for time is always available. So why than the delay, what excuse can I offer.... None really except laziness, the sin of … Continue reading Lazy complacency

The 7 Skills

The link below is to a great article, I recommend everyone reads it. It on the skills we all need to make it in life.... Once again a great post that I wish I would have written here it is God bless Paul

Black, White or American?

Image via Wikipedia Ok, here is a question…. If we want America not to be black or white, but just Americans, how can we achieve this if we keep referring to such things as “Black Unemployment” or “Black America” or the “Black Republicans” Black Democrats”  …  Kind of hard not to see color when all … Continue reading Black, White or American?

Priority 7: Faith in Vocation

I have posted several “work-in-Progress” documents for my up-and-coming talk, The 7 Priorities. The talk is next week, I have completed the presentation, but I thought I would post one more priority, its all the notes and back ground data I used to create the document. I hope you enjoy…And I hope to have a … Continue reading Priority 7: Faith in Vocation