Kid-Free Zones…

baby_yell_070713_mnA few weeks ago I read an article about a restaurant that has a no kid policy. I read the article, and have to say, I agree, the owner of the restaurant has the right to banning children under the age of 6. But I never thought of it again, that is until today…


Today I read a new article (Read this) about this trend of banning kids from restaurants, hotels, airplanes and other such places. And It made me think once again about what I think of this practice… And I still have to say, I like it, I think it’s a good idea for a few reasons:

  • Parents that believe that allowing there brats to run around is a good idea
  • Some places are just adult only
  • Sometimes its nice to be kid free, no crying and yelling and pouting

Brat free zones can be a good thing. It would be nice knowing that if I choose to spend lots of money on a nice dinner out I won’t have to worry about an out of control brat. Or if I am in a first class seat on my way to Paris, I won’t be disturbed with a screaming baby. Or I want to watch a movie, but really don’t want all the brats talking and screaming.

Choice is a good idea, and if I choose between brat free zones or Kid friendly zones, to me that’s a good thing. To tell the truth, kids don’t bother me, for the most part. But every now and than, and I must say it seems to me that it happens more often now, it seems kids are allowed to get out of control, and the parent just sits there or stands by doing nothing. So maybe we need s a no stupid parents zone, maybe that’s more of the issue than the brats themselves.


God Bless


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One thought on “Kid-Free Zones…

  1. You right about No Stupid Parent Zones.
    The kids are being blamed but the real culprit is Lazy Uncaring parents that can not or will not control their out of control brats!

    I have gotten to the point that when I walk into a restaurant, if I see kids running around unaccompined be an adult of I can heat some kid screaming, I turn around a walk out.

    This is a great way to eat better foods and save a ton of money at the sometime. I go home and Cook!
    Nice posting


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