The evil one and his works

ap_oslo_explosion_1_jrs_110722_wgThe past week offered up some  shock and dismay, with the mess in Oslo. The more I hear about it on the news the more one has to consider what evil is going on in this world. I know many do not believe in a active devil, one that plays a part in our daily lives, but one must consider the possibility after such a horrendous act. The pure and simple evil of it all.

The latest report states that he, the terrorist, or one could say, the devils hit man, set off the explosion for the soul purpose of keeping peace officer and other such first responders occupied so he could go tot the island to shoot and murder the innocent young victims. That’s it, that was the plan, big explosion on the main land, travel to island and shoot… And sadly it worked all to well.

The argument for active participation of the devil in our world today spoke loud and clear in Oslo, as it did on 9/11 here in the states, the British heard him speaking with the subway bombing as have countless others through the all to human army of the evil one. He exist and is more than active in our world. It is said that the devils best tool of evil is to make us think he does not exist. How true, what better way is there to work under the radar than to have the ones you are attacking believe that you do not exist. We, through our complacency, make his work that much easer.

Terrorist are proof positive of his work here on earth, but that is not the only sign of his existence, we can see it everyday, if we just stop to look:

  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia
  • Sex abuse
  • Divorce
  • Murder
  • Disrespect
  • Laziness
  • Lies
  • Stealing

The list is as endless, anyway we can show God that we do not care, do not believe, are ways the he, the evil one, can interact in our lives and move us further away from He that created us, from He that loves us, from our Heavenly Father, God.

The devil exist and he is active in our world today, as he was in the past and will be in the future.

Play for the victims in Oslo, pray for the salvation of the soul of the terrorist and pray for all of humanity…


God Bless


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5 thoughts on “The evil one and his works

  1. You’re an idiot. You should have stopped after your third paragraph and then I would have respected you. You’re a conservative, self promoting fool.

    Why do you digress and and rant about your personal insecurities? Especially without thinking…

    Yea, I want to make some poor 12 year old girl go through with a birth after being rapped eliminating her from growing up as a little girl (you obviously don’t have kids).
    Yea. I want to keep living with a person cheating, stealing, and on drugs – stay married!!!

    You speak like a lonely old man with no one in your life but your dog.

    Again, first three paragraphs – well done.


    • Well I can tell your a liberal, you go right into name calling…. I am not a lonely old man, but I do have a dog.. I do not have kids of my own, but have parented kids that have lived in my house. And how was I self promoting? But stating my views.. So if that is the case, than the same can be said about you….. And truth be told, I could care less if you respect me, but than again I know you don’t, you can’t because you have no respect for life, or the truth. So you keep up the mature name calling.. like a true liberal…. and I will keep on being an “idiot” stating the truth…. God Bless ya… Keep reading and maybe you will come to understand the truth, one day….

      By the way… If there was no evil in the world, than abortion and such would not be an issue… Because no little girls would get raped… Just something to think about


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