Yellow Caution Tape

The other day as I was taking my dog for a walk around a local park I noticed something that just made me mad. Now maybe it made me madder than I should have been, maybe I took it all to personal, maybe, but I don’t think so.


Want to know what it was, here it is…. In this park there is a nice play area, with all the slides and other fun stuff. It’s situated in and around a bunch of nice old trees, makes for a very nice looking play area. Over the past few weeks we have had a few bad storms here and as a result of them, some trees have fallen over. The city, being concerned for the safety of the families that use the park sectioned off a few areas of the park, including the playscape…  So far so good… I understand the city’s need to not only protect the people, but also themselves.

Now here is where I get mad…. There, in the roped off play area, a father and his two little kids playing…..


Why and I so mad about this, why does it irk me so…. Because of what we are telling our youth when we, the adults, decide that this rule is not for me, or I can do this but you can’t, or its OK to speed, as long as you don’t get caught…. This is why I am so upset…


As a youth minister I saw this all the time… The parent drops the child off at religion class, yet never turns up at church… Lesson the child learned, church is not important and religion class is just for show….


Parent misses church for sporting event…. Lesson learned, Baseball, beer and a hot dog is more important than Jesus in the bread and wine….


The list and examples can go on and on…. Be it examples from church or the home, we adults are teaching our children more by our actions than our words. We can give lip service to following the rules, but as soon as we walk under the yellow caution tape, we have just taught our children that rules are not for me…. What a good lesson….

God Bless


5 thoughts on “Yellow Caution Tape

  1. I would just like to say that maybe the man you saw playing with his kids knows what he’s doing. Maybe he is OSHA trained and knows that yellow caution tape means “proceed with caution” whereas red danger tape is the “do not cross without permission” tape. He may have been a construction worker who figured since he knows the difference, the city should, too.

    The only instance where yellow tape is not to be crossed without permission is when it is specifically marked “do not cross,” which to my knowledge is reserved solely for yellow police tape.

    If anyone is working on something, construction-wise, they should already have OSHA training, and know to use red danger tape if they are suggesting that no one is to be permitted in that area. Granted not everyone knows this rule, but any real blue collar worker does.


  2. Funny you don’t mention down power lines in your blog post, just some downed trees. If there really were downed lines there wouldn’t have been yellow caution tape like you claimed. You just cant accept that you misinterpretation of what the tape symbolizes wasn’t accurate. Caution means just that, caution. It doesn’t mean don’t cross. Your analogy was a stretch anyways next time put some actual thought into your writing.


    • Good point… I did not mean to say the power lines where in the play area… They where not… I think my point was not made we’ll, I just retread my post, bad post, even for me…


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