The signs of control

stupid_warning_labels_10_thumbFunny things go through ones mind when one is driving. On a recent driving trip to Canada, to give a class, I was struck by how many signs were up on the highway.  It seemed every 2 feet there was a new sign, and if that was not bad enough each sign was repeated in French. The first sign in English the next sign in French, sign after sign.

Now signs are not an oddity in the states, sure we have them, but it seemed Canada national output is highway sign making and distributing.  And this made me think about the other

countries I have visited and given classes. And cam to the conclusion that it’s not a Canadian obsession, but a liberal socialistic obsession. It’s all part of the group think mind controlling central planning governmental systems they have established.

Think about it, the more the government tries to control the people, the more signs and notices we see… We all have gotten the emails with the stupid warning messages, such as, this toaster is not a pool toy, or we have seen the commonsense  messages like “Swimming with weights may cause you to sink”, the only good things about such warnings and messages is that they always include some silly, but cool graphic.

The Obama administration also likes signs, we got new signs to tell us were are tax dollars were being wasted, we all have seen them, stating that this or that project was part of the stimulus plan. But he didn’t stop there, his administration has issues a new order concerning street signs, regulating the lettering. Yep, all street signs will have to be upper and lower case letters, no longer can a street sign be only upper case. God knows this must have some very deep and important meaning. Think about this, with the millions of roads in the USA, each and everyone of them will have to be updated, at the expense of the local government. Money well spent…

Its all about control, not safety, not your well being, just simple control.

God Bless


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