Seeds of Success


Over the weekend I was camping on the west coast of Michigan, a nice 4 day weekend, with lots of time to read. And read I did.. I finished one book, a novel, and started another, a political, and finished a third, “Seeds of success” a father and son book on what matters most.

I had the privilege to chat with both on the phone, and what nice people they are, making my enjoyment of the book all that much better. I have read many “self-help” books over the years, and found many of them to be excellent books. For anyone who reads my blog knows that I place Dr. Wayne Dyer in high regards and would recommend his books to anyone seeking a better life.

But Bill and Billy Moyer, the father and son team that wrote this little gem, use there own personal life experiences to teach us how to live our life with purpose. What I also liked was the fact that what they said in their book is what I have been saying in my blog… Success is not money and things, it is purpose. It is what we leave behind as our legacy. Success is achieved when we humble ourselves and become co-creators with God. Leaving our EGO (Edging God Out) out of our daily lives and make decisions not based on what is going to get us the most recognition, but rather what is going to leave this place, this world, this family in better situations than they are now.

Over the past few weeks I have been leaving bits of a new presentation I am to present this August at a major global companies Americas conference. The title of the talk, “The 7 Priorities” the theme of the talk, “Seeds of Success”. Dr. Wayne Dyer would say that nothing happens that is not meant to happen. I was meant to talk to Bill and Billy when I did, I was to read there book when I read it and I was to write and give my presentation at this exact moment. And I believe that, I believe that whole heartedly.

I would recommend that everyone who reads my blog read this little book, set aside a little self time and read this little book. It may be small in the number of pages, but it is huge in the impact it will have.

(Link to book is here)

God Bless


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