American Catholic Council hits Detroit and Archbishop Allen Vigneron hits back


This past weekend was an exciting time in Detroit for Catholics. The city was host to the American Catholic Council (Read here). Now let me be clear, this is a dissident group, they are Catholic only by name, and I do not support them and anyway. So, you may be asking yourself, why than, was it an exciting weekend.

Well, because of Detroit is not backing down…. He is standing up for the One True Faith…. Not something we see a lot of in todays Church. (See here) (and here)

To see what the American Catholic Council as all about look here (Web Link). The whole idea is to make the Catholic Church a democracy, allowing votes and majority rules. To create a more “inclusive” church.


Did Jesus hold a vote with the 12, did God hold a vote? Nope… Religion is not democratic by nature, and it should not be. But what the American Catholic Council is looking for is a faith that is, a faith that will allow you the “freedom” to choose what you like and dislike….

  • Abortion, well that up to you and your personal relationship with God
  • The true presence of Jesus, you can believe it if you want, I don’t want to force my ideas on you
  • Confession, just go to the forest and hug a tree and all will be good
  • Woman priest, sure why not, it will make them happy
  • Traditions, they are silly, unless we like them of course

The list of “what if’s” could go on and on, but basically you are taking the Rites and Traditions of the Church and tossing them out the window in the name of progress… You are creating a faith that has no grounding and one that has no shape.

Yes, I believe in a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior, but I can have one and still have my Church and all her blessing. I don not have toss out the old to the sake of the new.  Is the Church perfect, no, not the parts that man has messed up, does she need to change, sure some things, but not the parts that God has created.

In the Catholic faith there is Traditions and traditions, Traditions with a capital “T” should not be messed with, they are the oral Traditions from the beginning of our faith, much like the bible is sacred scripture, Traditions are sacred Traditions. Little “t” traditions, well they are more like family traditions, they can vary from country to country or Church to Church. There is more wiggle room there for change.

Question: Why is it that liberals, be they political or religious” fell that “progress” always involve removal of all that is “old”? Why do they feel that for an institution to be “relevant” it must “keep up with the times” at all coast? To hell with traditions and heritage, the new and latest fad is the way to go. We see it in our liberal politicians, the United Stated has worked just fine, thank you very much, for the past 200 plus years, but that means nothing to them. To them the new, the shiny and the “bold” is the way to go. Dump it all out and start fresh with the liberal agenda. That is not progress, that is regress! They would be fine with tossing out al the lessons learned and starting with nothing. What a messed up concept.

Liberal Catholics are the same. I once volunteered at a very liberal parish.  So liberal that it would not allow any Latin singing or devotion to Our Lady. If that’s the case, and that’s how you feel than just become protestant (no offence to any protestants reading this) and be done with it. Or start your own church and move on.

But no, they can’t…

And here is why… I am sure for  most of them it is nothing but a power thing. They want to want the power of the protest, they need to descent and be the “outsider” to fit in. They need to be different so they take the liberal point of view, claiming to be open. But more often than not, they are not open, they are as closed to ideas as they claim Conservatives are. Case and point:

If a liberal church is open to ideas and believe that each person needs to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and they believe that we each have our own path to this relationship and that “different strokes for different folks” is the mantra. Than what would be the harm in allowing the bells to be rung at consecration? Or what is the harm of a little Latin in the Mass? To me that is an open-minded thing to do. But nope, that’s not how they see it. No Latin and no bells, that “old school” and no good for you.

It always come down to that, “It’s no good for you” or “Its for your own good” or “We are looking out for you”, that is the liberals standard line when they are dictating their open-mindedness to you. When they are forcing you to follow their plans for a free society or church. When they are dictating to you how you should think…. How to be open-minded like they are.

“All are welcome” is a formal battle cry for liberal Catholics. It sounds good, and hell, who can disagree with that, I don’t. But I also know that that’s not really what they mean by that saying. All are welcome is the politically correct way of saying “All are welcome who think as we thing, act as we act and do as we say, but that was way to long for a banner, so they shortened it to just All are welcome. And besides it’s much more misleading so they like it better.

It’s the old bait and switch routine, get them in the door to purchase one thing, and switch it to another. We advertise openness, we sell you closed mindedness, but call it openness. And millions of Catholics are willing to buy it. Why you may ask, why would they buy it if it’s not what it states it is. Because we, Conservatives stink at marketing, because we don’t hype up the truth, we feel the truth on its own is good enough. We don’t need to bait and switch to get you in, we just need to tell the truth. So how is that working out for us… The Catholic Church is growing in the United States… So over all I would say good…

The times, they are a changing… The tide is coming in… The Church is going through a revolution, one that will restore Her pack to Her Conservative roots… We just need to keep speaking the truth. In the end, the Truth always wins.


God Bless


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