3 Simple rules to life

Mother Teresa of Calcutta (26.8.1919-5.9.1997)...

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I was looking for a quote to post on my Guided Insight Facebook page and ran across this little gem:

Three small rules for living a happy life

1. Start each day with a grateful heart.
2. Focus on the positive aspects of every person you encounter.
3. End each day with a grateful heart.
Lucy MacDonald

I like it, 3 simple rules that will always make your day a better day.  In my opinion, the simpler the better .  Be positive and grateful to yourself and others, what a basic concept, but nothing was ever truer.

To me, a positive attitude is the number one needed skill set for a happy life. Life, always, is what we make of it. If we choose to look at life through dark-colored lenses than that’s what life will be, dark and bleak, but if we choose to look at life through lenses that are light, than life will be bright and happy. The choice, as I have always said, is up to us.

Now some maybe saying, “well that’s true  if you have a job, and perfect health and this and that, than it’s easy to look at life through light-colored lenses.” But I submit to you that this is not the case. Look around you, look at friends and family members who have a job and have healthy lives. Not all of them are happy and positive. Look at Charley Sheen, he is rich, famous and yet he is truly unhappy. Yet, Mother Theresa was poor and destitute, yet she was profoundly happy. The difference, their outlook on life. Charley is not grateful for each day nor does he have a positive attitude towards others or himself. How do I know this, do I know him personally? Nope, but I don’t have to, all I have to do is look at his actions…

All self-defeating actions, all are anti-grateful anti-positive. Now Mother Theresa on the other hand… She looked at life’s poorest of the poor and saw in them God, talk about  Focus on the positive aspects of every person you encounter.  She was grateful each and everyday for the work that God had entrusted to her. Sure, she had her dark moments, we know this from her letters she wrote, but over all she was grateful. Now I never meet her, but once again I don’t have to meet her to know her. just look at what she did:

  • Gave of herself, freely
  • Cared for the less fortunate and sick
  • Dedicated her life to something greater than herself

She used her life as a vessel of God, Charley, on the other hand, uses his life as a self-serving vessel, a vessel for his ego (Edging God Out).

To me it simple, Be grateful and positive and God will work wonders in your life, or be ungrateful and negative and the devil will work horrors in your life. You decide….


God Bless


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4 thoughts on “3 Simple rules to life

  1. Thank you for sharing this Paul. You are so right! I love your take on the ego too ~ I’ll remember not to edge God out when my ego tries to flex it’s muscles!


  2. Hi Paul, I am here again. The consciousness of the existence understood as Mother Theresa uses herself with infatuation. I am united with your interest in attention span and appreciate God’s causation of attention to things that are supposed to happen when those occurrences are being understood to an area of life. When that is not happening, using yourself to understand what God is doing with the causation of things that can’t be continued (like ego) to cause something else to occur related to unity, is able to be done by some, if God if causing a life to provide something as a result of it.

    It is interesting, God uses those EGO existences to understand a separation to other life understanding an interest in them and in their activities. A separation (rupture, decay, dilapidation) occurs both to areas of form and to the separated conscious processes that are being caused to go around with these existences. What the Catholic Religion calls purgatory exists as form (human and non human) and God causes consciousness (this can also be called a separated souls) of life misunderstanding something to be attached to EGO form in order to understand a correction to them. In other words, the communication to these souls going around with form is, “this is not how you use yourself preoccupaied to participate in what I am doing that I do continuously without causing breakdowns”. Form (what can be seen temporally) using themselves as EGO are not able to be used in the area where spirit (consciousness) life exists continuously united with form doing what it can continue to do, using itself in appreciation to God.


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