Priority 2: Faith in Self

Work in progress from my talk I am to give in August…

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Confusion_by_twilibirdThe second priority is priority of self; this may seem to contradict the first priority of humility. You are asked to humble yourself, yet priority two seems to ask you to exult yourself. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Faith in self is not an inflated ego, rather it is the opposite, it is a silent faith, a faith that speaks softly yet reverberates with a silent scream of “I am confident” “I am secure” and “I am me!”.

The first priority asks you to abandon the ego and become humble and promised a return on your investment, The second priority is your ROI (Return on investment).

The priority of Faith in Self is an investment in the ones you love and others around you. However, like any other investment one must make a deposit, and manage the account. The same is true for the investment in self. The term Faith, meaning oath or obligation, takes on a new dimension when it is placed with the term Self, so Faith in Self can be translated as Self Oath or Self Obligation. We must place with ourselves an oath or obligation.

Respect for self-dictates that we will provide for ourselves the things necessary in our lives to help us nurture and grow.

· Body

· Brain / Mind / Intelligence

· Character

· Experience

· Gender

· Human

· Human condition

· Identity

· Person

· Personality

· Skill

· Virtue

· Wisdom

The areas listed above represent the self, and the areas of care. We are obligated, if we are following the 7 Priorities, to care for each area. Each area represents on portion of the self, individually they are minor aspects of self, yet combined together they have the ability to create greatness.

For example, a person who is extremely wise is said to have wisdom, but on its own, without a positive personality, that person is less than the whole of the self. We are the totality of our existence, yet all too often, we neglect aspects of our self in favor of other aspects creating an imbalance within.

For example, we may take care of our body’s by working our daily, eating the right foods and seeing the doctor on regular bases. That would meet the condition of, Body and possible a few others. We all know they type, they workout in the gym daily, they have the fit and trim look, the perfect teeth and hair, yet when we talk to them we realize that they never truly graduated from the 3rd grade. Yes, I know I am being stereotypical, but the point is valid. I could have easily used the classic nerd example as well, regardless of that, the point is true. Be it the weight lifter or the nerd, each has neglected the other aspects of self.

The whole of self is not each individual aspect, but the combining of the aspects into one complete self. Sure, not all of us will achieve perfection in each or any of the aspects, and we are not expected too, but we are expected to set achievable goals and to work on achieving them.


/sɛlf / [self] noun, plural selves, adjective, pronoun, plural selves, verb


1.  a person or thing referred to with respect to complete individuality: one’s own self.

2. a person’s nature, character, etc.: his better self.

3. personal interest.

4. Philosophy .

a. the ego; that which knows, remembers, desires, suffers, etc., as contrasted with that known, remembered, etc.

b. the uniting principle, as a soul, underlying all subjective experience.


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I hope you are enjoying the little excerpt I am posting, I know I am enjoying writing this talk…



God Bless


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One thought on “Priority 2: Faith in Self

  1. A nice evaluation on belief in self. Without different selves, they can be no community of selves. The individual self therefore must have trust in itself and draw from the power in self by imposing obligations in itself.


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