Doctor Death is dead…

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Over the weekend we had a death of a celebrity in the Detroit area. He is well known through out the country, and I am sure, the world. Dr. Jack Kevorkian, or Doctor Death, as he is known. Although the death of anyone is sad, the loss of human life is always sad, I am not sure I can gander-up any real emotions for the man. Sure, I know he had friends who are sad, and family, but for me, well… I just can’t seem to feel one way or the other. (read here)

On the local news the mood was somber, at best. The accolades were for an important diplomat or humanitarian. Sure, sure, I know, some consider Doctor Death to be a humanitarian, I for one do not. He killed people, plain and simple! I mean no disrespect, and I pray to God to have mercy on his soul. But the fact is, he killed, he was a killer.

As a pro-life conservative Catholic, abortion and euthanasia are one in the same, it is the taking of human life before its natural time. God can only create and take life.  Sure, we humans help out all the time, wars, murder, drugs and all the rest. But the natural end of life is up to God, not Doctor Death, or anyone else.

Yes it is hard to watch someone suffer, I know, I have watched both of my parents suffer until they passed on, but that is part of life. I would not change a thing about it, at each of there bedsides I learned life lessons that I would not have gained anywhere else. Lessons that have helped to shape me into the man I currently am. Sure, I wish they never had cancer, and sure I wish they never suffered. But wishes are only for the fool hearted. I prayed that they did not suffer, but if they had to, that it was all for the glory of God. And in the end, well, in the end they suffered little, and I was granted a miracle. I was able to experience the power and glory of the Holy Spirit at work, both in me and my parents. If they would have taken the easy way out, used Doctor death, they would have never and I would have never had the opportunity to experience God in that moment.

I know some will say that that’s just my imagination at work, trying to deal with a difficult time in my life. Maybe, but I think not. But I do know that I was never closer to my parents than at the time of there suffering, seeing the resolve to not show it, the ever present parenting they held on to. The need to protect us, there children, from the suffering they were dealing with. Never once did they complained or show outward signs that they were in pain. Instead they were smiling and telling jokes until the end. I am thankful for this, and I am blessed. My memories of them will always be  one of fighters and happy. Doctor Jack could never offer me or my parents that.

So Doctor Jack is dead… I hope his family and friends have memories of his last few days that are filled with the grace of God… I know I d0…

God Bless


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3 thoughts on “Doctor Death is dead…

  1. God has caused me interested here. I have been communicating today about what God is causing to be understood about how to participate in the impartation of God’s wisdom related to any interest. Wisdom, as you know, is placed to life through the spirit. Knowledge is something God causes to life when it is able to be used with form. Form is a human vessel in an activity. Communion is an activity that externalizes this understanding. Blood (this is the spirit, it represents a circulation that is continuous, like images of glory halos) is united with the bread (this is form, or what can be seen and done) in the activity of Eucharist. When life uses itself interested in participating in knowledge from God and not from separate groupings of human being understandings it is using itself with a consciousness or a spirit that is united with what eternal life is doing. If you experience an interest, you can begin to look at words and events caused to happen around you and understand if they can be said and done united with life that is using itself doing what is appreciated and can be continued. For example, you have understood death as not supposed to happen and this is true and it is also true that the understanding of it is not supported to be continued the way it is understood within some parts of science and medicine. As God has caused to be communicated before with Jesus Christ, death does not really exist because the spirit (consciousness) is eternal and is relocated or repositioned prior to any ability to suffer. Death is never talked about by the life united with God in consciousness going around caused by God united with other existences doing what can be continued forever. So, if death is not on the table to talk about what is? In this area (or understanding levels, also called earthly existence) where there is allowed to be the appearance of suffering to onlookers misunderstanding something, there can be quite a lot of topics that jump out with emotion that is not compatible with the impartation of knowledge. This is to say, do something different to attach to an understanding that you will always have about what God does and provides. So with death, one way of using yourself is to understand what always happens and with this to be interested in everlasting life and eternal awareness (there can be other words according to what you are caused to experience together with the emotion of love). Within this, as one example of an interest, you will understand something of eternal truths to your awareness and if caused interested can then go around talking about it, across areas in the way God causes you to move, attached to life existing in unity who will be doing the same thing within other experiences in human being areas. Life using itself eternally has a united understanding of God and what God does and they use themselves moving around across living existences stimulating interest and supporting appreciated experiences condition that support God’s causation of knowledge.

    If you understand to your awareness from your earthly experience something that fits the category of supposed to happen and are able to understand a provision of words and/or images you love, I would love to see it. I do not know now if I will be caused to come back to look at this site, it is possible. If I do not and you understand or experience something interesting, I use this email mostly


  2. I liked what I read from Paul. I do not follow news (Did not know about Dr. Kevorkian’s death) and was busy with my father trying to live leaving the hospital with a pacemaker installed in his chest after 30% of his heart start beating again. May God bless our souls (Dead ones and the living ones as well).


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