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Michigan Budget and Economic Facts

5/25/2011 10:02 AM

An organization called Public Notice has assembled state fact sheets that outline budget and economic facts for all 50 states. Here’s Michigan’s:


  • Total State Expenditures (FY 2010 estimated): $45.7 billion
  • Income Tax Rate (Tax Year 2011): 4.35 percent
  • Sales Tax Rate (2011): 6 percent
  • Total FY 2011 Budget Deficit: $2 billion, or 9.3 percent of the budget
  • Projected FY 2012 Budget Deficit: $1.3 billion, or 5.9 percent of the budget
  • Pension Liability and % of Liability Funded (FY 2009): $72,911,900, 79% funded


Federal Government Spending:

  • Total Federal Funds Received (FY 2010 estimated): $19.2 billion
  • Stimulus Money Awarded: $8,648,638,169
  • Examples of Stimulus Spending:
    • $3.8 million was appropriated for the Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy – a
      group dedicated to finding a new use for the Detroit Tigers’ former stadium.
    • $7.5 million was used to construct a new terminal with stone fireplaces and
      exposed log beams in a tiny northern Michigan airport. The airport serves an
      average of only 72 departing passengers a day.



We in Michigan need to wake up, 7.5 million for a terminal with only 75 passengers per day… Come on! –5.2% economic growth and a 10.2% unemployment rate… Give me a break!

It is time that we wake up and smell the fudge or we will be unable to save this great state of ours. Michigan has lots to offer, we have deep roots in innovation, yet we seem unable to innovate of economy, we choose to do the same old, same old. And when we do elect someone new, someone who is willing to innovate, our current Governor, Rick Snyder,  as soon has he starts to make the cuts and do what is needed, the good old unions and liberals come out and want to recall him. I don’t get it….

Are we that stupid in this state, do we really not get it? Or are the unions and there little followers that set on protecting themselves, and to hell with the rest of us. I pray that we are not that stupid, but based on past experiences I fear that we are. Look at the Detroit city council over the past years, or even the voters of Detroit who keep voting the same corrupt council members in. Look at our nation reps, Levin and Stabenow, Levin has been in office so long I think he knew President Washington.  And both are old school union supporters. To hell with everyone else, unions above all else, that’s there mantra.

I don’t have the answers to Michigan’s problems, but I do know that we must, as a state, change our way of thinking. We must get out of this union mentality. To me, unions are the death of this nation and this great state of Michigan. If I had my way, I would outlaw all unions. But I can’t and until the mentality of all who live here changes, unions will continue to hold an unfair advantage over the public and government. Out current President is not helping out much, for he is a union lover. But than again, he has never worked a  real job in his life, so what does he know….. He is nothing but a socialist and community organizer (another word for union).

God willing Governor Snyder will balance our budget and get Michigan back on the road to prosperity.


God Bless


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