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Global Warming…. Really, its 55 degrees here in Michigan and it’s May 19th.. Hmmm, Right now I would be happy with global warming. Hell I would be happy with normal temps.

I remember as a kid in school learning about the new ice age we were going to have, they use to tell us that if we did not change our ways that we would be covered in ice… Well that didn’t happen, so now is we will all burn up, and that isn’t happening, so they changed it to climate change. This way they have there asses covered no matter what happens.

Each time they make predictions, they get it wrong, for example, the ozone layer hole, they stated that we needed to stop using aerosol cans, to stop the hole. So the government outlawed the arousal cans and guess what, the hole is still there, and it got bigger, after it got smaller.. .Hmm, think maybe that its just doing what is was made to do?

We have been “studying” this for only a small amount of time, the earth has been around for a lot longer than we have, and it seems to be doing fine… Yet we feel that we are so smart that we know, based on 30 or 50 years of research, what the earth is doing, how it does it and what we need to do to help her. Hmmm, sounds a little high and mighty to me. But what do I know, I don’t have lots of letters after my name.

Forget the fact that not to long ago we had an email scandal, proving that the scientist involved in the global warming research were “fixing” the results to prove there point. Forget facts, they only get in the way.

The left wing liberals do not like facts, they interfere with there plans to control everything and everyone. Yet the facts are facts. We find this in all aspects of liberal thinking, be it politics, social issues or religion. The facts just get in the way. But what can we do… Well first off, conservatives can get better educated about the facts, and we can get better at education others with the facts. Liberals are masters at disseminating falsehoods, propaganda or out and out lies. Yet we find it hard to tell the truth, we know the truth, we just don’t like to “push” the truth on others. Yet liberals do it day in and day out, and at the same time accuse conservatives of “pushing” our agenda on others.. .Hmmm, sounds odd to me.

Global something or other is just a way for liberals to try to control us, with laws and regulations demanding that we believe in an unproven fact. Much like evolution and creation. If the liberal was truly “open minded” as they claim they are, they would be willing to accept the fact that we really don’t know if Global what ever you want to call it, is real or not, they would be willing to accept the fact that creationism is as viable as evolution. Yet they don’t, instead they push there agenda on us as if we are little children who cannot think for themselves. Go figure…

As for me, a little global warming would be good right about now, I am sick of the rain and cooler than normal temps… But what do I know….


God Bless


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4 thoughts on “Global Something or other

  1. “The new ice age we were going to have…”

    An interesting development here.

    Apparently, we’re now officially allowed to talk about the potential of another ice age. I just saw a special on the History Channel called Little Ice Age: Bill Chill that seemed to suggest it could happen again. Not only that, the program actually admitted the existence of the Medieval Warm Period, The Little Ice Age, The Maunder Minimum and such, without reference to evil white males, capitalism, the profit motive, Jews, fundamentalist Christians with guns or any other currently acceptable label that stands for “cause of all the world’s problems.”

    As I said, an interesting development.


  2. In your “pingback” on the Australian “Better Nature” website in reply to my blog, you announce yourself as a voice from America…I doubt very much if you qualify to speak on behalf of all Americans as I also do not speak for all Australians….You claim to be a “proud” American and lover of your particular “faith”, whatever that may be, although your economy is flopping about and struggling with several issues that will continue to haunt your Government who at this point still cannot face the reality of matters such as “climate change”. Your Nation is locked-in-buttoned-down to a mindset of wealth creationists and the major polluters hold the balance of power that prevents any move towards a contribution that might even begin to reduce the proven damage the planet and all that lives in it will in coming decades, suffer and die from. You simply cannot eat money, and yet your Governments in-action will directly threaten food production. What good is massive wealth when the National health cost blows out to more than the nation can afford. America is suffering from a national obesity problem and is spreading it throughout the world, in humans as well as it’s economic systems. Fat and excessive wealth go hand in hand and will ultimately stop one’s heart beating. We in Australia survived the Global Financial Crises, our dollar is currently around 6 cents stronger than yours , so, please don’t suggest that you or your fellow Americans are in any position to criticise or give advice to me or my fellow countrymen. Just watch us closely and hopefully you might learn something…


    • First off, I have nevr claimed to speak for all Americans, I speak only for myself. As for “Global Whaterver you are calling it now”, the science is not proven, just the hype is. As for my faith, I am proud to be a Catholic. As for the health care, Obama is on his was to run it into the ground following the state run systems of the rest fo the world. As for the econimy, yep it sucks at the moment, and as for watching the land of Oz to learn how to do things.. and your dollar finnaly being worth soemthing, glad to hear, but no thanksn, I’ll keep the American way of life….


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