How to Plan a Cheap Weekend Getaway


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With the weekend here and the weather turning nice, I thought I would share this:


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    Go Camping: Grab your sleeping bags, tent and some groceries and head off for your nearest National or State Park. Camping in locations that are not privately owned can be extremely cost effective, and can be easily accomplished in a weekend or an overnight stay. If parks are too far away, try camping in your own backyard- although it sounds a bit cheesy, it is actually quite fun as long as you don’t keep running in and out of the house for various items!

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    Use sites like or For a quick getaway you can check out websites like these. Keep flexible travel dates and you can find some amazing deals to locations around the world. Most of these sites’ deals include airfare and hotel for inexpensive rates! Check out travelzoo’s top 20 deals of the week and see where the weekend might take you!

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    Stay Local: Although you may have been living in your town or city for several years, you may not have ever visited the local museum, historical buildings or other gems in your hometown. Try visiting your Chamber of Commerce or city website to find out what might be happening right underneath your nose.

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    Go for a long drive: And see where you end up. Just jump in the car and start driving, then stay overnight in a motel or hotel that you come across. Try to take detours to see historical sites or to follow historic routes- like world famous Route 66. Bring a change of clothes and your toothbrush, pack a picnic lunch and spend a night wherever the road takes you.

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    Stay at a timeshare: Sign up for a timeshare presentation that gives you free accommodations for a weekend. You will have to sit through a 2-3 hour presentation, but are under no obligation to make a purchase, and you still get a free room for the weekend. Try this in cities like Las Vegas, Nevada and you can get quite a few freebies for a few hours of your time.


    God Bless


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