My Prayer for you

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Holy week is half way over, and Easter is almost upon us. Rejoice and be glad!

Easter, the most holy of holy days, the pinnacle of our Christian faith, the summit of our journey, all roads for the Christian leads to the hill of Calvary and with the resurrection of our Lord. And, as we believe, when He comes again in glory, our own resurrection.

Easter, our own personal journey with The Christ, a personal journey that we, as Catholics, take together with the whole of the Holy Church. We walk in solidarity with our brothers and sisters along the road to the place of sculls, were we too will be crucified for your faith, but unlike Jesus, we are not sinless, we have made our cross and nails over a lifetime.

Lent, a time to prepare, a time to look deep within and reflect upon the cross of our Lord. Lent a space in our spiritual life that allows us to ponder the Holy Spirit and to feel the suffering of our dear Lord, and to know that He is with us, always.

My prayer for you and all, is that this Holy Week be one of many blessings and this Easter session be one of great joy.

God Bless


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