King Obama

ObamaKingI am just returning from a two-week trip to Germany and the UK. The weather was fantastic, sunny and warm, all the trees in bloom and the grass was green, I spent many hours outside enjoying the spring. Than I returned home, to Michigan to a wind storm than snow! Yep it’s mid April and we had wet heavy snow. I was not happy! But such is life…

It’s funny, people seems to think because I am an American, I must know the pulse of America. I was asked by one of my students in Germany what America thought of the fact that Germany turned off all there nuclear power plants. My response:

“I’m not sure what America thinks of it, I know that I think it was reactionary, and I know we, in America are debating nuclear power at the moment. I also know that our news covered it, but I really don’t think it was a big news story.”

His response:

“It was only a news story, you’re not talking about it”

It always strikes me funny, Europe despises America, according to Obama and the lame stream news, yet every time I am there they, the Europeans want to know what we, the Americans think.  If they despise us, as we are lead to believe, than why do they care what we think? What bother to ask?

American politics are always a topic when I travel, it never fails. And for the most part it is a nice debate over points of view. But once again it was brought up that they, the Europeans, should have a vote in the American political system!?! Really, you really think you should be able to vote for our President, the President of the United States of America… Come on! But this time I did offer a carrot to them, I offered them Obama, I told them I would be glad to ship him over, than he can become supreme ruler of Europe. The look on their faces was, as we often say, priceless.

Another student, this time in the UK brought up the Big Wedding they are preparing for, William and Kate, the young Royals. That, of course lead to a discussion on the Monarchy and is role in British Politics. My take, I like it, I live the idea that I can travel to the UK, see a palace and know a Queen lives there. There is just something about it. But I am not British, and I have no say in their political system. Now for the most part, when the Queen comes up the first reaction of the Brits are disdain for the whole family and the whole Monarchy thing. But this time I was shocked. the student stated that maybe having one supreme power in the Queen or King would be better, than you would at least know who is to blame. Now I understand his point of view. with politicians always politicking, you are never sure who said what, when were or why. And that’s just they way they, the politicians, like it. But… There is always a but… One rule governments never work, the power becomes too much for them, and they want more and more and more. I told my student we have recent proof of this. I also told him that we, in America, are currently trying to rid ourselves of our American Monarchy. For some reason I got a strange look at this comment. “What Monarchy?” The Obama Monarchy, with the way Obama and the Democrats have acted in the past 2 or so years, one would feel as if America was rules by a King, King Obama.

Once again, I offered up Obama, offered to send our King to the British people. The way I look at it, if they love him so much, and he, Obama, loves the European way of governing so much (Socialism) than they can have him. It would work out for the best for everyone. We would get rig of him, and they would gain the savior all to themselves. And Obama would be looked upon as a great politician, and in the end, that is truly all he wants.

God Bless


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